Photo Dump: eShakti Edition

Alright you guys, I have been really excited to write this post.  A few weeks ago, right before Christmas I believe, I was contacted by the website because they wanted me to do a product review for them.  eShakti is this awesome website that has some of the most adorable dresses I have ever seen.  They have shirts and skirts and cardigans as well, but I was especially drawn to the dresses.  I was really excited to choose a product and do a review on it, but what I want to review first here is the process of ordering the dress in the first place.  

You all know that I'm a whopping six feet tall and big boobs, I swear I just have the weirdest body type ever, which is why I am always so hesitant to order clothes online.  I just don't trust it if I can't try it on, but this website lets you CUSTOM ORDER your size.  Can I say that again, I CUSTOMIZED the size of the dress.  I was able to put in my height and specific sizes and choose where I wanted it to come to on my knees, arms and my neckline.  AKA this dress was literally made for me.  I was so stoked for it to come.  I got in in the mail just a few days after I ordered it and I couldn't wait to try it on.  And when I did, I can honestly tell you I have never had a dress fit me as well as this one.  Here is the proof.

First of all, can we focus on the neckline?  I love it when I find a neckline that is low enough to be a little sexy, but not so low that either the girls are laid on on a platter or I have to wear a tank under it.
The sleeves, I had the option to have cap sleeves, the style they are in the photo or 3/4 length.  I just loved all the options I had to make it as perfect for me as possible.

Did I mention it has pockets? It has pockets.

 classic bunhead sock bun and "look at the feet" blogger photo.
Now I want to draw your attention to the length.  I have NEVER found a dress that has just perfectly come to my knees.  It's either Mini Skirt Barbie or mid calf tunic, but when I put my height in and then requested knee length, I got exactly what I asked for.

Remember how much I have been complaining about how cold it is? No exception today.  We were freezing. ha!

Boots: Target
 Boot Socks: sleeves I cut off from an old sweater from Savers

Awww. sisters.

I'm serious you guys, best experience I have had shopping for myself online and I am so happy with the dress.  I wore it all around on Sunday and just felt like a million bucks.  Thanks to for the product sample and for just being an all around awesome website.  I give it five stars and definitely recommend them. 

oh, and here is the behind the scenes of the of the cut-off-sweater-sleeve-boot-socks. rad, right? 

**Photo Credit** Tracie Border
thanks mom!


  1. I love that dress. And those boots. And your hair(wink wink wink). And of course, you!

  2. You are so gorgeous and how fantastic to design basIcally your own dress. Lucky ducky. You should be a super model! I love you!

  3. How in the world did I never realize that you are 6 feet tall? It seems like all of the blogger girls I am desperate to visit are going to tower over me. Oh well, it's the opposite of how things are for me at work =). That dress looks incredible on you! You did a great job of customizing the options to exactly what would look great on you.

  4. You are adorable! What a great dress. TALLS for life!

  5. That dress is so gorgeous!! I literally choked laughing on my sip of hot chocolate when I read "the girls are laid on a platter" because that is the story of my life. The most annoying, maybe ever. And that bun! How did you make it look so perfect?!?

    So pretty, I'll have to check that website out! :)

  6. You wanna know what blew my mind the most? The fact that you thought to make your own socks. You are so smart. I need you in my life.

    I love the dress. I love that it was knee length. I can never find a short dress modest enough, I always look like a hooker.

  7. I seriously am in love with that dress. That website needs to check me out!

    Whitney. I love you for being 6 feet tall. I'm 5'8" and everyone in the world is shorter than me it seems.

    Also, thanks to my stilt legs, I've never had a dress that didn't look like an awkwardly long shirt.

  8. Adorable outfit, you totally rock it! I need to go check this site out!

  9. found your blog through pinterest!
    that is so cool you customized the dress just for you! it looks great!
    and I love the idea of cutting off old sweater sleeves to make boot socks. genius.


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