Vacation's Over, Boys...

Alright, it's official, my blog hiatus is over and you can expect (though you probably shouldn't) regular posts from me from here on out.  I wish I could give you the juicy deets from our New Year's Eve, but sadly there were none.  Landshark and I stayed home because it was snowing and our original plans were up in Layton and we didn't want to have to brave the roads at 1 am.  Oh, and the best part? To keep ourselves busy until midnight we started taking online IQ tests. That's just how cray cray it was getting up in hurr. And then I fell asleep ten minutes to midnight and woke up at about 12:15 way more pissed than I should have been that I didn't get to celebrate the New Year and make resolutions.  And then I promptly feel back asleep.  Which I think is how I subconsciously felt about New Year's Resolutions anyway.

So yeah, that was our New Year's. Pretty lame. But it was cozy and it was nice not having to drive anywhere. We'll do better in 2014 though, especially because we will have a new addition to the Street family!
You read me right, I'm pregnant!!

Ok, I'm really not. But I was scared for like, a day that I was.  So now my only resolution this year is to NOT get pregnant. and hang out with friends more. There. Those are two very reasonable goals for the upcoming year. Ones that I feel like I can stick to. I was going to give up pop for the year too, but then Landshark bought us a SodaStream so I said sayonara to that idea real quick.

It was a nice vacation, but honestly, I'm really excited to be going back to work.  I was coming down with a major case of cabin fever.  Especially because Christmas broke the bank and we literally have no money until next week. ha! So yes, back to work and I'm pretty happy about it.

But let us look back on some of the best parts of 2012, you know, for old time's sake...

good times, goo-hood times.


  1. Hang out with friends more and not get pregnant? Sounds good to me! Happy New Year :)

  2. LOVE your 2012 collage! You are adorable. Hope you have a great day back at work!

  3. Just came across your blog and I am now a new follower :):) I'm excited to read more from you :-D

    please come check out my blog some time and follow along if you like what you see!

  4. You made my heart stop for like, .5 seconds. hahah. So mean. We were boring on NYE too. Next NYW I want to have a reason to buy a tight, sparkly dress that I can wear hooker heels with.

  5. and by the second NYW, I meant NYE

  6. So now my only resolution this year is to NOT get pregnant. and hang out with friends more... SAME HERE. Lets hang out? And not be preggers. Okay? Okay.

  7. Jeez you can't joke like that freaked me right out. And we were lames too! We left out party at 1230. Lames the way to go. And do you love your soda stream?!? I want one so bad.

  8. You scared me and then I was happy and then I was more happy. Cheers to being unpregnant!

    Also, what is pop? Is there diet pop? Pop zero? (sidenote: I gave up the pop last year. life is better with diet cherry pop.)

  9. holy pregnancy scare! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  10. We got a sodastream and a major pregnancy scare too! Just 2 more ways you and I are so similar. Oh, and I slept through the ball drop, but because I perhaps had too much fun. But still... you and I? Have totally had sameness going lately.

  11. you're resolving to not get pregnant?

    Oh my gosh. I love you. in a creepy, but I don't really know you kind of way.

    Sodastream.. the noise that things make. freaks me out.

  12. I resolve not to get pregnant every year! :)

    We had a similarly lame new year's. We went to see the Hobbit at 4pm like the sad "old" people we are. And went to bed at 9:30. That's right we didn't even PRETEND to stay up until midnight!


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