Weekend Update: I Only Care About Animals

It snowed. All weekend.  Don't believe me? Ask my dog.
This left side is him on all fours.  The right is him jumping up to see where he was going.  There were paths made for him over and over because the snow just kept coming.
This was only on Saturday, it kept coming down.  And since it's been so cold lately, Mr. Selleck has been coming straight over to my apartment whenever his "owners" put him outside.  It also may have to do with the fact that I feed him a lot of turkey every time he comes over.

Whatever his reasons for coming over are, I don't mind.  And he is getting more and more adventurous every time he steps through the door.  He really likes our TV cabinet.   And he is also mesmerized by the tree that has yet to be put away.  I like it because I can get out into the living room without breaking a toe on the couch because I can't see.

And then yesterday was spent with this very, very adorable face.

Don't let those innocent chocolate chip eyes fool you.  He is one hormonal puppy who won't get off my leg.  It's like, "Come on,  at least buy me dinner first."

And that was all I did this weekend.  I also did some scheming for Landshark's up and coming B-day this Thursday.  It's the big 2-6.  He's not really excited.

Have a tolerable Monday everyone.


  1. I love that you still have your tree up. I have no plans to take mine down.

    Tom should just move in with you. You need a cat!

    Also, all the snow we did have is gone and you can see the grass again. I'm okay with that.

  2. That is a lot of snow! It's just rain rain and rain for days here. Gag me!

  3. Look at all of that snow! I'm jealous.

    Tom is such a cool cat - pun intended. I wonder if his "owners" know that he's hanging out with you? You two could go on so many adventures.

  4. Ugh snowwwwww. Your little dog is adorable! Just steal Tom!

  5. That nose. I love it.

    Have you made sure Tom doesn't have fleas?? Now I'm that person that scares people.

  6. shoot. you guys got a ton of snow up on the bench.

    and if the dog wants good leg humping he better buy you more than dinner. you're worth more than that.

  7. You puppy is adorable in the snow! So cute!!

  8. Whitney. Stop stealing all of the snow, gosh dang it. Let us Coloradoans have some. Sheesh.

  9. The problem is, is that if you and the dog would comPlete the love session, set down, smoke a ciggy like after badass love scenes in a movie, he might be complete. If not remove the nads.

  10. "Come on, at least buy me dinner first". Bahahaha. I'm pretty sure we could be bff.
    Also, I love that you still have your tree up.


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