For My Name Ain't Screamin' Liver Davis

Sorry about being all sad yesterday, I'm still torn up over my little ratty, but thank you for your kind words.  I love you guys.

I found this on's FB page the other day and I was DYING.
My ski bum name is Screamin' Liver Davis.  And you may all call me that from now on.  Let me just run through some of my family's names because I was literally in tears over some of them.

Landon J Street: Pretty Fingers Davis 
I've been calling him that all day.  He says he misses being Sexy Flanders. And all I say is, "sorry Pretty Fingers."
Skyler J Street: Blind Fingers Davis- almost as funny as Pretty Fingers
Brenden Timothy Border: Buddy Baby McGee.
This is the one that had me dying and quoting this track from Space Ghost's Musical BBQ all night. Here, I'll show you.

(ignore the lack of make up going on here.)
Tracie Marie Border: Big Gumbo McGee. So proud, Mom. So proud.
Kayleigh Marie Jolley: Curly Gumbo Washington
Curly Gumbo and Big Gumbo are both excellent artists.

Please, whether you ski or not, leave your ski bum name in the comments.  These have made me laugh so hard over the past couple days.  And I need that.  My rat died, so....
(now I'm just milking it.) But still, leave you ski bum name, I'll choose my favorite tomorrow. and you will be the lucky winner ski bum name. and my respect.

For a Friend

So Landon and I were at dinner last night with some friends when my sister texted me saying that my pet rat Scarlet had died. She was pretty old, I got her for Christmas of 2010, so she had exceeded her life span, but it still didn't hurt any less.  I had to excuse myself to the bathroom to put myself back together.  She was the sweetest little rat.  It's funny, telling people I had a pet rat.  They get so freaked out.  But if you met her, you instantly fell in love with her.  My sister got custody of her when Landon and I got married because our apartment we moved to wasn't pet friendly.  My sister treated her like a queen and that included feeding her like one too.  She loved Cheetos.  And within just a few months of living with Mariah, she got HUGE. She was a giant ball of fur with a face.  And it was adorable.

Usually small animals like hamsters or rabbits don't really connect with you the way a dog or a cat would.  But Scarlet did.  She had favorite people.  She learned tricks, she loved to take baths under the bathroom faucet and chew hearts in her tissue boxes.  She would run up your arm and hide underneath your hair, only coming out if you offered her some sort of treat.

It's funny.  Sometimes I like to think about how God knew that we would need these furry little animals in our lives. To bring us joy, to comfort us when we are sad, be company when we are lonely and to always, always bring a smile to our faces.  Even though it kills me that she died, I am so happy I had that little ball of furry happiness in my life.  And I am going to miss her so much.

love you, Scar.

I went snowboarding and vlogged about it again, are you surprised?

ok, so we got Landon's truck back last Tuesday. Remember the one that bit the dust ten years ago? Well, finally, it is done, so we went to get it up by my parent's house and drop my car off to get new tires.  We went up Friday night to get my back and I decided at the last minute to get my car and then stay at my parent's so I could go snowboarding with my mom and sister since Landon had to work on Saturday.  I made a little vlog about our ski day.  In the middle of a legitimate blizzard.  Remember when I said last week was the best snow of my life? Well, it didn't hold it's title long because Saturday blew it out of the water.

Here is the video of our day.  It's probably a good thing Landon didn't come, he probably would have gone crazy. Because we are so much FUN!!

Don't you wish you could go skiing with us? Not surprised.
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Makin' the Parents Proud

I got an email today about Graduation.  Asking if I wanted to attend the big ceremony and walk to get my diploma. That's a resounding, "No." not yet anyway.  It's just my Associates and I'm not done with school.  Walking now just seems a little antsy.   I am so ready to be done at UVU, though.  I got so many parking tickets here, that I'm not even a little sad that I'm leaving.


buuut, coming down here brought me to the best times of my life.  So I guess I can't hold that against Utah Valley University.  Thanks for those.
Technically, I am typing this up Thursday night so I still qualify for #throwbackthursday so here is the day I moved out. Look at all that pink. sick. and notice my bed is on cinder blocks.  There is an awesome story that goes with those.  You'll hear it one day.

Peace out Utah Valley University. It's been real.

On a total separate note, my company's promo video was posted on my Facebook page yesterday because I show up for 5 seconds in it.  I know I have tried to explain to many of you what I do for work, testing asphalt, working in a mine and all the MSHA nightmares that come with it, but I also know how hard it is to visualize.  So if you want to be able to put a picture in your mind when I mention my work, then watch the promo video.

I've come so far since I moved out of my parent's house.
My mom is so proud.

Best TV Proposal since Jim and Pam's

You guys.
I was catching up on How I Met Your Mother last night.  And two of the main characters got engaged.
and maybe I cried a little.
maybe a lot.
and I was so focused on that, that I couldn't seem to think blog about anything else.

sorry I get so invested in my tv shows that it hinders my writing.
try back tomorrow?
not making any promises.
I'm still trying to catch my breath after Neil Patrick Harris stole it.

Star Struck

So last night, Landon and I went to the BYU v. Utah State game, where BYU came through in the last seconds and won the game. But that wasn't even the best part.  The best part? I got a picture with BYU's best Defensive Linebacker KYLE VAN NOY!!!
It's been awhile since I've been this star struck, but I couldn't help but giggle like a infatuated high school girl when I realized it was his back muscles I had my arm around and not a lamp post.  
Dude's ripped.  

Basically the high lite of my night.  Which I didn't think was possible after watching a buzzer winning game.  What can I say? Dreams really do come true. 
But seriously, good game Utah State.  

annnd here is that vlog I promised you.
I apologize and give you fair warning right now that I scream a lot in it. a lot.

Friday Letters: With a hurt Thumb So This is Really Impressive.

So this week flew by. But even still, I am SO happy it's Friday.  Starting at 3 o'clock today, the three-day weekend begins.  Snowboarding tomorrow up at Pow-Pow Mountain and the party will continue til late Monday night. You can be expecting a vlog Tuesday morning. :)

I'm keeping this post short and sweet because I broke my fingernail WAY too short last night and it really hurts to type. I know you're all thinking it. I'm a wuss. HA! even still. it's really sore. It bled and everything.

So here are my Friday's Letters:

Dear Fingernail (or lack thereof):
damn you.

Dear President's Day Weekend:
oh, it's on.

Dear Landon:
Sorry I left before giving you a kiss. I thought you went back to bed, not to the bathroom.
Still love you.

Dear Tom Selleck:
Sorry I've been calling you a boy this whole time.
the kitler mustache had me fooled.
I'm still going to call you Tom. Because I have a sneaking suspicion you're a lesbian cat.
and also, you have a mustache, so....

Dear Hippie Driving the Pizza Planet Truck:


Happy Valentime's Day my poodles! I hope that you all have a lovely day of cherishing relationships with those you love.  And I don't want to hear anyone saying something like, "We don't celebrate Valentine's Day because we don't need to set aside a day to show love for each other.  We show each other love every day."  That's like saying, "I eat food every day, so I'm not going to have a Thanksgiving dinner."  or "I live in America, I'm free every day.  No need to celebrate my independence on the 4th of July."  Valentine's Day is a holiday for you to have a special evening with your love.  I agree, it shouldn't be the ONLY day you show love for each other, but don't dog it because you think it's a holiday made up by Hallmark.  Just enjoy the day where your Valentine showers you with nice dinners, gifts and affection.

Now, if you're single and hate Valentine's Day, you're totally justified. You just go on hatin' girl.

Not to brag (ok maybe a little) but I just wanted to show y'all my sweet Valentine's gift from Land Shark.
A blue topaz heart. I'm in love with it.  Here is my funny story behind topaz, and I told Landon this after I opened the necklace.  When I was like, 4 years old my Great Grandma died.  I didn't really comprehend the whole "my grandma died" part, but what I did get was that people were giving me random trinkets that belonged to her.  So automatically I associated death with getting presents.  My mom had/has this blue topaz pendant on a gold chain and I was IN LOVE with it.  Every time she wore it I just fawned over it.  And I remember one day I asked my mom, "When you die, can I have that necklace?" She was disturbed and flat out turned me down.  But didn't stop me from coveting it my whole life.

and now I have my own.

Just goes to show that Landon knows me better than either of us can really comprehend.
What a great Valentine.
and what did I get him?
Noise canceling ear muffs and ammunition for his new gun.
Nothing says, "I love you" like ammo and not going deaf.

I Cannot Control my Eyebrow!

So I kind of got bored with the Bachelor recaps, and I find with most of you it's either a love or hate situation.  So instead of blogging them, I usually just verbally recap the episode to Landon, even though I know it's going right through one ear and out the other. BUT- this week's episode has by far surpassed any Bachelor/ette episode of all time.  And I couldn't pass up the opportunity to relive it.

all because of Tierra. (i.e. Tierrable, Tierrorist etc etc.)

It's no secret that the producers totally milk the dramatic one.  They need to for the ratings, but what came out of Tierra's mouth when she was finally confronting Ashley was priceless.  Ashley made a comment about how even her parents said she doesn't get along with other girls and how she is always glaring with her eyebrow raised skeptically and what not:
It must be the dent in her forehead that causes the spotty facial paralysis. Has to be.
Meanwhile, Sean is talking to his sister about the girls and begins to tell her about Tierra and how her name has been circulating through the entire show.  And her sister said, "Don't end up with the girl that no one likes." Prime Bachelor advice right there. But Sean is hesitant and says, "well, let me go get her so you can meet her."
After her blow out with Ashley and her spastic facial expressions, Sean comes in to fetch Tierra when he finds her crying in the hallway on her cot.
She tries to play the victim and claiming to have a "big heart" even though it's more like a venomous black hole.  And FINALLY the veil of Innocent Tierra is lifted off of Sean. And he sends her home.  I'm not ashamed to admit I slow clapped when she got in the minivan and drove off.
I CAN believe they did that to you, Tierra, and we all KNOW they got what they wanted. And so did America.
Tierra chose not to say goodbye to the girls, so they were expecting her to walk in with Sean and a rose in hand after working her manipulation, but were pleasantly surprised when he came in alone and bearing the good news.
And then he sent Lesley home. Even though they hold a world record together.  That means nothing to him.

But finally we are rid of Tierra.  And then there were four.

Here are my predictions:
Des: In the sneak peek for Hometown's her brother calls him out on being a "playboy" or whatever and it looks like they're about to throw down. I secretly hope they do.  I feel as though this will jeopardize their relationship because who wants a douche for a bro in law? no one.
Ashley: If Des isn't the next one sent home, then I think Ashley will be. She just doesn't seem to be into what Sean is into.  I love her, but I don't think the outdoors are really her thing and she seems like she might be just a little too high maintenance for him.
Catherine: I definitely think Catherine will make it to the final three AT LEAST.  And going back to Des, if she is sent home, then I think Catherine will make it to the final two.  Which leads me to think that she writes him that mysterious letter right before he proposes that was shown a few weeks ago in a sneak peek. And he is all, "whhhaaaa???" and it probably has something to do with that bogus line about "If Lesley isn't what Sean wants then I have no idea what he is looking for in a wife!" comment she made Monday night.
Lindsay: She is making it to top two. No questions asked. If it comes to her and Catherine, I think she will win.  If Des makes it to the top two, then honestly, I have no idea who will win. But that's assuming her douche baggery of a brother doesn't blow it for her.

And that will probably be my last Bachelor recap until the final rose.
Thanks for bearing with me as I got that off my chest.  Landon just didn't understand.

When You Finish a Book

You know that feeling, right? We all do.  And it's like, a really sad moment.  A lot of the times, I'm reduced to tears.  Well, Landon is a HUGE bookworm.  And he is been reading the last book in the Wheel of Time series, and last night while I was watching the Bachelor, he finished it.  I watched him turn the last page, and shut the book. Stand up and put it away like nothing happened.  Now, I have never seen Landon cry before, not when he proposed, not when we got married, but I was sure that when he finally finished the last book in a 14 book series I would get a tear.  Or even a glistening look of nostalgia.

But I got nothing.

Not even a sniffle.
He just called his brother to say he could come get the book to read.  I'm not going to lie, my eyes got a little misty just thinking about him finishing the book. But Landon? Nothing.
In the three years I've been with him, I've never seen him cry.  And I'm beginning to think it may never happen.
I'm married to a Greek God with the heart of a gargoyle.

Weekend Vlog!

This weekend was spent nursing my sick husband back to health and celebrating my Dad's birthday with the fam.  Where we played card games, ate delicious treats and decided that there is no way to say "bubbles" angrily.  Oh. and dancing. There's always dancing.

but since it's my favorite thing to do these days,
what better way to tell you about my weekend than a VLOG!!

Sunday Confessions

I haven't done a link up for awhile, and this one looked like fun. So what the heck, let's do this!

1. I'm doing this link-up because I'm awake on a Sunday morning at 8:00 am. And this is sleeping in for me.  Teenage Whitney would be ashamed.  

2. I used my husband's horrible cough/sore throat combo as a valid excuse for buying two boxes of Creamies. And then I played the, "I'm such a thoughtful wife" card as I licked the popsicle.

3.  I would probably buy this:
like, what?????

4. I watched Warm Bodies last night and didn't hate it. And actually really liked it.  I just feel like zombies are the new vampires.  And everyone and their dog is obsessed with the Walking Dead.  I am just sort of over the whole zombie thing. But Warm Bodies? I liked it, a lot.
(you're probably wondering why I don't like the Walking Dead.  It's because literally every character sucks. Except for Rick. And the zombies.  I actually am impressed with how well AMC portrays the zombies. But the rest of them? They suck. And yet, I watch every episode.)

5. I'm probably going to go back to bed after this.
There Teenage Whitney, are you happy? She is.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Embarrassing Favorites

So iHeart Radio has a new feature called, "Perfect For" and it changes every day.  But today I chose "Perfect for the Shower" and there was a playlist under it called Embarrassing Favorites: Everyone's favorite songs that they hate to admit they love. It started with "Barbie Girl" and I got really excited, but then I knew people at work would make fun of me, so I switched it.  "Come Clean" by Hilary Duff was next.  Again, 15 year old Whitney got really excited. And now the "Thong Song" is on.

Today is going to be a good day.
Also, a winter storm warning has been in effect all morning.  So that means fresh POW-POW!!
Even the coyotes knew, and were howling about it this morning up here.
AND- it's Friday.

For my Dad

Despite the horrible writer's block I've been suffering through this week, I have managed to power through a post every day.  And I'm proud of that.  But today's post? It's easy.  Because February 7th is my Dad's birthday.  And so I get to write about how much I love him.
My whole life I've been my daddy's little girl.  And even though our family has been through some rough times, I have never once questioned my importance in his life.  

Thanks for everything, Dad.  
Thanks for teaching me how to wakeboard, and to ride dirt bikes.
Thanks for teaching me how to sing and play the guitar.
Thanks for teaching me about forgiveness.
Thanks for bouncing me on the trampoline when I was little, 
and telling me bedtime stories about Rufus and Mittens.  
Thanks for all the back tickles and gas money.
Thanks for always coming to my plays, dance recitals, piano recitals and choir concerts.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to go to school and get an education.
Thanks for the moral support when I wanted to give up on school and my education.

and thank you, Dad, for loving me.

There was a Fire

"Embrace who you are. Literally. Hug yourself.  Accept who you are. Unless you're a serial killer."

-Ellen Degeneres
Seriously...I'm Kidding

I'm reading Ellen's book right now.  Landon gave it to me for Christmas because I am always watching Ellen videos on Youtube.  And once you start watching Ellen videos, you've pretty much committed yourself to watching a good two and half hours of her videos. (This one is one of my favorites.  That girl is a friend of mine. AKA I'm one step from Ellen.)  Anyway, back to the book, it's hilarious.  She is very insightful and just...funny.  Also, I can't help but read it in her voice.  

If you are looking for a fun read, I definitely recommend this one.
She even tells you you're pretty.

I was driving to work today and I was completely kicked off State Street because of a structural fire of a local business.  Fire trucks were completely barricading the road because apparently it was spreading to buildings all around.  The fire started at a place called Patch's Majestic Metals.  But the writing is really curly and every time I drive past it I always think it says, "Bitch's Majestic Metals." So when I saw it burning to the ground this morning, I thought, poor Bitch's.

In other news, this guy finally came back around:
I missed his little mustached kitler face.
and he missed me too.

The Time I Had an English Speaking Spider in my Bathroom

So, I've been saving this story for when I had nothing else to talk about.  And it's a good one.

Last Monday, I woke up at 3 AM because I had to pee. I went into the bathroom and there is a spider on the baseboard next to the toilet.  I didn't notice it until after I had done my business or else I probably would have just held it until I could justify waking up Landon to come kill it for me.  It kinda freaked me out, and I ran back into my room.  Then, I got up a few hours later to get ready for work and the spider was in the same place.  I knew he wasn't dead though, because he was on the wall.  I'm pretty sure dead spiders can't stay on walls unless they were squished and their guts were holding them there. 

So I skittered past him and jumped in the shower, did my hair and make up and left, all the while the spider just chilled there. I got home from work and you guessed it, spider was still there.

Another day passed and the spider still sat there, content on his little baseboard.  We were going somewhere that night I can't remember, but I told Landon while we were getting ready, "Babe, that spider has been in that same spot for the last 24 hours and hasn't moved."  He grabbed the toilet paper as a natural reflex when I tell him I found a spider, but I was like, "No! If he is just going to chill there, then you don't have to kill him.  Just let him hang out, if he starts moving around, then you can kill him."  Landon looked at me like I was nuts and said, "Who are you?" But he left the spider.

Fast forward 4 days. 
It was on Saturday and Landon was in the shower getting ready for work and I was brushing my teeth and I was like, "Babe, that spider is still there.  What if he is a really smart spider that can understand English and now is terrified to move because I said you could kill him if he moved?" And Landon was like, "Then that would be a really smart spider..." and I was like, "actually no, if he was a really smart spider, he would just wait until we were gone and then he would leave."

Then I took Landon to work and I went snowboarding.  When I got home?
The spider was gone.

Best Weekend Ever.

Remember how Friday was awesome?  Well, it carried all the way through the weekend.  I wasn't let down in the slightest.  Minus the fact that I am suffering from a pretty mean sinus infection.  But nothing that a little antibiotics can't fix.
Jazz game was awesome.  It was against the Oregon Trail Blazers.  Damian Lillard plays for them, but he just barely graduated from Weber State, which is where I will be next semester, because oh yeah, I got my Associate's Degree!! (well, I get it in April, but I was accepted so WOO!) Anyway, it was way fun to watch him and Ronnie Price who graduated from UVU play against the Jazz.  And we even saw my Dad who was a few suites down.
As you all know, I haven't been feeling well this week, so when my friends invited me to go snowboarding on Saturday I was planning on saying no.  And then Saturday morning came and I walked out the door to drive Landon to work and I was greeted with the most beautiful morning I had seen all winter.
I immediately called my buddies up and told em to count me in.  And even though I think it gave me a mild case of bronchitis for 24 hours, it was totally worth it.
 seriously. we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.  Yesterday before the super bowl we took Landon's new gun out and tried her out. and loved it. I got some video of it.  Threw some of it into a vlog for ya.  But here is the thing, I was editing while watching the Super Bowl, so it sort of.... sucks. ha! But I like doing vlogs so I'm putting it up anyway.  Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

p.s. sorry for breaking the cardinal rule about doing the vertical filming there at the beginning.  I couldn't get my iPod to stay in my belt buckle horizontally. mah bad.

Why Today Rocks

Why does today rock? Well, let me count the ways:
1.)Jazz game tonight with Garco. In the box suite.  I don't go to Jazz games anymore unless I'm guaranteed free dinner and a dessert cart.

2.) This hasn't happened today. (yet.)
(that loader didn't even flinch pulling out the truck that had dug a 8" hole in the ground)

3.) We can finally see the mountains and sky again

And reason #4 why today rocks, because it is OFFICIAL.  I am going to Mechanicville, New York this Halloween to see my girl Alissa and have ALL the adventures.  Words cannot describe how happy I am.  
There is no wiping the smile off my face today. And the countdown is on to Halloween.

Happy Friday everyone!  

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