For a Friend

So Landon and I were at dinner last night with some friends when my sister texted me saying that my pet rat Scarlet had died. She was pretty old, I got her for Christmas of 2010, so she had exceeded her life span, but it still didn't hurt any less.  I had to excuse myself to the bathroom to put myself back together.  She was the sweetest little rat.  It's funny, telling people I had a pet rat.  They get so freaked out.  But if you met her, you instantly fell in love with her.  My sister got custody of her when Landon and I got married because our apartment we moved to wasn't pet friendly.  My sister treated her like a queen and that included feeding her like one too.  She loved Cheetos.  And within just a few months of living with Mariah, she got HUGE. She was a giant ball of fur with a face.  And it was adorable.

Usually small animals like hamsters or rabbits don't really connect with you the way a dog or a cat would.  But Scarlet did.  She had favorite people.  She learned tricks, she loved to take baths under the bathroom faucet and chew hearts in her tissue boxes.  She would run up your arm and hide underneath your hair, only coming out if you offered her some sort of treat.

It's funny.  Sometimes I like to think about how God knew that we would need these furry little animals in our lives. To bring us joy, to comfort us when we are sad, be company when we are lonely and to always, always bring a smile to our faces.  Even though it kills me that she died, I am so happy I had that little ball of furry happiness in my life.  And I am going to miss her so much.

love you, Scar.


  1. You are just so damn pretty! Even with a little rat on your shoulder! :) Sorry for your loss boo!

  2. Oh sweets I'm so sorry =( I've never been fond of rats but yours seems pretty sweet.

  3. I think you are the only girl who can look that good with a rat on her shoulder! But she is a very cute rat! I feel your pain in the loss of her though!

  4. Oh, Scarlet! I am so sorry, Whitney. But yes, she did sound like a very sweet pet and I'm glad you have good memories with her! xoxo

  5. RIP Scarlet. We'll all see you on the other side, and really appreciate your Cheetoh loving self. Sorry for your loss, Whitney. That sucks.

  6. Aww, Scarlet! This is so sweet. And I love that you had a pet rat! When I was a kid, my friend had a rat named Suzie, and I loved it.

  7. Scarlet - frankly my dear, we DO give a damn!

    I love rats & mice, rats being mice 2.0 - more clever and more able to control their bowels.

    I inherited some mice two years ago from a girl who worked at the PetCo - I was standing there like I always do when in a petshop, face glued to the mouse cages because WHY WOULDN'T YOU BE THEY'RE SO CUTE - and she asked me if I'd like some for free. Pssht, YEAH.

    That was 2 years ago, and who knows how long they'd been with her...well, the first one passed away this winter. She was the best one, too - yeah, I had a favorite. I'd refused to name them, to keep from getting overly attached (hah). It didn't work. I LOVED Little Brown Mouse.

    I found her when I was cleaning the cage - I was doing it really gingerly, because I'd known something was wrong as soon as she wasn't first on the scene when things started moving and shaking. She was a go-getter, if you put your hand on the bottom of the cage, she'd run over and climb you all the way to the shoulder, and whiffle in your ear. The others were too timid to even climb on my hand. She was a boss.

    It's the way of little squeaky things, to die so quickly -- but their cuteness and brave little inquisitive natures in the face of that fact just endears them to us all the more. It's a tender pain, and totally worth it.

    My condolences~


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