For My Name Ain't Screamin' Liver Davis

Sorry about being all sad yesterday, I'm still torn up over my little ratty, but thank you for your kind words.  I love you guys.

I found this on's FB page the other day and I was DYING.
My ski bum name is Screamin' Liver Davis.  And you may all call me that from now on.  Let me just run through some of my family's names because I was literally in tears over some of them.

Landon J Street: Pretty Fingers Davis 
I've been calling him that all day.  He says he misses being Sexy Flanders. And all I say is, "sorry Pretty Fingers."
Skyler J Street: Blind Fingers Davis- almost as funny as Pretty Fingers
Brenden Timothy Border: Buddy Baby McGee.
This is the one that had me dying and quoting this track from Space Ghost's Musical BBQ all night. Here, I'll show you.

(ignore the lack of make up going on here.)
Tracie Marie Border: Big Gumbo McGee. So proud, Mom. So proud.
Kayleigh Marie Jolley: Curly Gumbo Washington
Curly Gumbo and Big Gumbo are both excellent artists.

Please, whether you ski or not, leave your ski bum name in the comments.  These have made me laugh so hard over the past couple days.  And I need that.  My rat died, so....
(now I'm just milking it.) But still, leave you ski bum name, I'll choose my favorite tomorrow. and you will be the lucky winner ski bum name. and my respect.


  1. Old Legs Jackson coming right at cha. This only makes me paranoid to increase my lunges by 1000.

  2. Pretty Foot Hopkins. I love it. Also, I stole a button for my blog!

  3. Jailhouse Boy McGee finds her name to be...inaccurate, if not entirely misleading. :P

  4. yay for the gumbos!!!
    i'll update. just for you, since your rat died.

  5. Curly Gumbo Davis here... until June 22, then I'm Curly Gumbo Parker. Clearly, we are now officially family, since our last names are the same.

  6. Mine is Boney Liver McGee. So apparently my liver is weird.


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