Friday Letters: With a hurt Thumb So This is Really Impressive.

So this week flew by. But even still, I am SO happy it's Friday.  Starting at 3 o'clock today, the three-day weekend begins.  Snowboarding tomorrow up at Pow-Pow Mountain and the party will continue til late Monday night. You can be expecting a vlog Tuesday morning. :)

I'm keeping this post short and sweet because I broke my fingernail WAY too short last night and it really hurts to type. I know you're all thinking it. I'm a wuss. HA! even still. it's really sore. It bled and everything.

So here are my Friday's Letters:

Dear Fingernail (or lack thereof):
damn you.

Dear President's Day Weekend:
oh, it's on.

Dear Landon:
Sorry I left before giving you a kiss. I thought you went back to bed, not to the bathroom.
Still love you.

Dear Tom Selleck:
Sorry I've been calling you a boy this whole time.
the kitler mustache had me fooled.
I'm still going to call you Tom. Because I have a sneaking suspicion you're a lesbian cat.
and also, you have a mustache, so....

Dear Hippie Driving the Pizza Planet Truck:


  1. Have fun snowboarding this weekend! I am SO ready for a long weekend! Hope you have so much fun!

  2. TOM IS A GIRL?!!! WHAT?! WHATTTTTT. My whole world has changed.

    Also, breaking your nail like that KILLS, so I don't think you're a wuss at all.

    Happy Friday and 3 day weekend! I get jealous when you say you get out at 3, then I realize that's 5 my time, and it's when I get out, too!

  3. So Tom Sellek is your cat.

    i read that twice. i'm stalking you this afternoon.

    because techinically I quit blogging now it's full blown stalking.

  4. Tomlady for life.

    I hate fingernail injuries! They take so long to recover from. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

  5. Noel has a kitler stache too!!

    I'm still dying over the Pizza Planet truck. Incredible.

  6. I totally forgot that it's president's day in the US! Enjoy the long weekend! I love 'kitler stache' too funny!

  7. Oh my gosh. That pizza delivery truck is too much! Looks like it's seen better days/decades!

  8. I'm heartbroken that Tom is a girl. But I'm with you that she may in fact like other lady-cats. Lady cats should only be allowed a certain amount of facial hair.

    I hope you had fun boarding! Can't wait to see the follow-up vlog and hear how getting off of the chairlift is coming for you.


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