Makin' the Parents Proud

I got an email today about Graduation.  Asking if I wanted to attend the big ceremony and walk to get my diploma. That's a resounding, "No." not yet anyway.  It's just my Associates and I'm not done with school.  Walking now just seems a little antsy.   I am so ready to be done at UVU, though.  I got so many parking tickets here, that I'm not even a little sad that I'm leaving.


buuut, coming down here brought me to the best times of my life.  So I guess I can't hold that against Utah Valley University.  Thanks for those.
Technically, I am typing this up Thursday night so I still qualify for #throwbackthursday so here is the day I moved out. Look at all that pink. sick. and notice my bed is on cinder blocks.  There is an awesome story that goes with those.  You'll hear it one day.

Peace out Utah Valley University. It's been real.

On a total separate note, my company's promo video was posted on my Facebook page yesterday because I show up for 5 seconds in it.  I know I have tried to explain to many of you what I do for work, testing asphalt, working in a mine and all the MSHA nightmares that come with it, but I also know how hard it is to visualize.  So if you want to be able to put a picture in your mind when I mention my work, then watch the promo video.

I've come so far since I moved out of my parent's house.
My mom is so proud.


  1. Look at baby Whitney! Are those bangs real? I can never trust you when it comes to bangs.

    And I love the it. What makes me sad is that all of those men, in their neon green (yellow?) sweatshirts, KNOW YOU and get to see you (maybe?) every day. And I don't.

  2. You look so sexy in safety yellow. Hot damn, girl!

    In high school, everyone I knew thought that cinderblocks were cool. We thought it made us more like poor college students/young professionals than entitled high school brats. My parents wisely never let me have them, but all of my friends did.

    And I ditto Alissa. All those people know you, and I don't. Roadtrip!


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