Sunday Confessions

I haven't done a link up for awhile, and this one looked like fun. So what the heck, let's do this!

1. I'm doing this link-up because I'm awake on a Sunday morning at 8:00 am. And this is sleeping in for me.  Teenage Whitney would be ashamed.  

2. I used my husband's horrible cough/sore throat combo as a valid excuse for buying two boxes of Creamies. And then I played the, "I'm such a thoughtful wife" card as I licked the popsicle.

3.  I would probably buy this:
like, what?????

4. I watched Warm Bodies last night and didn't hate it. And actually really liked it.  I just feel like zombies are the new vampires.  And everyone and their dog is obsessed with the Walking Dead.  I am just sort of over the whole zombie thing. But Warm Bodies? I liked it, a lot.
(you're probably wondering why I don't like the Walking Dead.  It's because literally every character sucks. Except for Rick. And the zombies.  I actually am impressed with how well AMC portrays the zombies. But the rest of them? They suck. And yet, I watch every episode.)

5. I'm probably going to go back to bed after this.
There Teenage Whitney, are you happy? She is.

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. I tried to sleep in this morning but the damn children (boyfriend and daughter) wouldn't let me. Ughhh.

  2. I can't sleep in anymore either! I would probably buy that statue as a gift for someone else. It's so funky and funny... it has to go in someone's house! I started following you a while ago :)

  3. agreed about the walking dead. and it was depressing me and giving me nightmares.

  4. Holy crap you're so right about the walking dead. Except for Rick, they're all just so ANNOYING! There have been episodes I actually hoped a certain person would get killed off because of their extreme level of suckiness!

    And now I want a chocolate creamie. But it's snowing out so I can't get dressed and actually leave the house. Obviously.

  5. 8 a.m is sleeping in for me too on the weekends...I can't seem to sleep past that point!

    I don't understand the hype about Walking Dead. I've never watched it but I just don't think it's something that would interest me.

  6. LOL that squirrel snake statue is the coolest/most ridiculous/weirdest thing I have ever seen in my life. i can totally see how that would be a conversation piece for your mantle (or somewhere equally as visible).

    And I've never watched the walking dead - not sure if I plan to, but probably won't after reading this!

  7. Where the heck did you find the picture of the squirrel on the snake???

    I've skipped over most of the zombie stuff. We are trying to not be tv people, if you can believe it. Teenage Kristen is shocked.

  8. I can't do vampires or zombies. I mean blood doesnot taste that good and who wants a permanent hickey on their neck? Not me.

  9. Thats an awesome picture. I would actually probably buy that to and the beau would find it extremely funny.


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