Happy Valentime's Day my poodles! I hope that you all have a lovely day of cherishing relationships with those you love.  And I don't want to hear anyone saying something like, "We don't celebrate Valentine's Day because we don't need to set aside a day to show love for each other.  We show each other love every day."  That's like saying, "I eat food every day, so I'm not going to have a Thanksgiving dinner."  or "I live in America, I'm free every day.  No need to celebrate my independence on the 4th of July."  Valentine's Day is a holiday for you to have a special evening with your love.  I agree, it shouldn't be the ONLY day you show love for each other, but don't dog it because you think it's a holiday made up by Hallmark.  Just enjoy the day where your Valentine showers you with nice dinners, gifts and affection.

Now, if you're single and hate Valentine's Day, you're totally justified. You just go on hatin' girl.

Not to brag (ok maybe a little) but I just wanted to show y'all my sweet Valentine's gift from Land Shark.
A blue topaz heart. I'm in love with it.  Here is my funny story behind topaz, and I told Landon this after I opened the necklace.  When I was like, 4 years old my Great Grandma died.  I didn't really comprehend the whole "my grandma died" part, but what I did get was that people were giving me random trinkets that belonged to her.  So automatically I associated death with getting presents.  My mom had/has this blue topaz pendant on a gold chain and I was IN LOVE with it.  Every time she wore it I just fawned over it.  And I remember one day I asked my mom, "When you die, can I have that necklace?" She was disturbed and flat out turned me down.  But didn't stop me from coveting it my whole life.

and now I have my own.

Just goes to show that Landon knows me better than either of us can really comprehend.
What a great Valentine.
and what did I get him?
Noise canceling ear muffs and ammunition for his new gun.
Nothing says, "I love you" like ammo and not going deaf.


  1. Hahahaha, I totally get wheat you mean about associating death with getting things. It's hard not to. I gave my mom a jade necklace I bought in China, then told her that I expected to get it when she dies, so I bought a matching bracelet for myself. I blame working in healthcare for my morbid personality.

    And I am with you! Celebrating holidays, even loose ones like Valentine's day is important. Just because we love people every day doesn't mean we shouldn't show extra special appreciation of each other every now and then.

    Happy love day!

  2. Love the necklace - Happy Valentine's Day! :)

    Can't wait to say Happy Halloween TO YOUR FACE.

  3. That necklace is to die for! I want one! Also, our husbands could totally be friends. All J ever wants for any holiday/event is ammo or some accessory for one of his guns. Makes my job kinda easy =)

  4. oh wow what a beautiful gift you received!! lucky you, hope you are having a great valentines day

  5. lol I think you're right - nothing shows love better than stuff that will save you when the zombies attack. I mean, you've gotta be prepared, right?! You can distract them with your awesome necklace, and then the manly man can shoot them while avoiding hearing loss. It's a win/win.

  6. the fact that you associated gifts with death made me laugh, is that wildly innapropriate? I don't know.

    I have never liked valentines. I hear you though, I do. I just never have liked it. the phobia in elementary school that I would be passed up by everyone on delivering valentines to each other day.. and the candy hearts, those are disgusting. it's like peeps. I'm not wild about easter. it's probably a candy thing more then a phobia thing.

    holy hell this comment is out of control.

  7. I am SO glad that you got a blue topaz and you got to keep your mom. It is so pretty! Good work, Landshark!


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