When You Finish a Book

You know that feeling, right? We all do.  And it's like, a really sad moment.  A lot of the times, I'm reduced to tears.  Well, Landon is a HUGE bookworm.  And he is been reading the last book in the Wheel of Time series, and last night while I was watching the Bachelor, he finished it.  I watched him turn the last page, and shut the book. Stand up and put it away like nothing happened.  Now, I have never seen Landon cry before, not when he proposed, not when we got married, but I was sure that when he finally finished the last book in a 14 book series I would get a tear.  Or even a glistening look of nostalgia.

But I got nothing.

Not even a sniffle.
He just called his brother to say he could come get the book to read.  I'm not going to lie, my eyes got a little misty just thinking about him finishing the book. But Landon? Nothing.
In the three years I've been with him, I've never seen him cry.  And I'm beginning to think it may never happen.
I'm married to a Greek God with the heart of a gargoyle.


  1. 14 book series?? That is dedication!

    When I finish a book, I close it, and then immediately whine about not having another book to read. That happened Saturday afternoon.

    Any book suggestions??

  2. haha oh gosh girl. i know this feeling all to well!

  3. I hate this feeling! I was very much like this after reading the Hunger Games books.

  4. Hahha boys!! I starred at my husband as he finished the first Hunger Games book like, well!? well?! wasn't it SO good?? and he just looked at me and, 'yeah it was good...' and that's all! Boys!!!

  5. Oh man. Ammon is really nostalgic about the last Wheel of Time book as well. He even put in his phone the release date. Our men are both total book worms.

    I've only seen Ammon cry a couple of times. Most of the people we know think he's an emotionless robot. He's just really hard to read emotionally.

  6. Okay I think it's so funny that Landon doesn't cry, because Andy is completely the same way! Occasionally he'll get a little misty eyed (and at the most random things too. real steel. seriously?), but never have I seen a tear run down his cheek. Such a punk.


  7. AH! This is amazing, when I finish a book I totally look around and am woefully indignant that no one is jumping up to console and aid my transition back into the not-involved-in-this-book world.


  8. omg, how could he not? :O I'm horrified on the behalf of bookworms everywhere!

  9. Oooh I bet he'll become a sissy and cry for you eventually. :)

    And I am not ashamed to say that I'm a huge sissy who gets VERY involved with her books.

  10. To clarify I LOVED the book and am very sad to have finished the series but am I going to cry about it? Nope. Alissa I definitely recommend that you read The Name of the Wind. A fantastic book. That is all. PS I cried at the end of Jurassic Park.

  11. Replies
    1. it freaks me out when any of my boyfriends cried. I hate it actually when they do.

      it's funny only two boyfriends have ever seen me cry.

  12. I feel you on the finishing a book thing. I actually have this quote on my pinterest. It's not that way with all books, but some? Oh, God...it's like...ugh, I'm just a mess when it's over. Like I don't know how to get through the day without that book. But then I start another book, and the cycle starts again! LOL!



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