Why Today Rocks

Why does today rock? Well, let me count the ways:
1.)Jazz game tonight with Garco. In the box suite.  I don't go to Jazz games anymore unless I'm guaranteed free dinner and a dessert cart.

2.) This hasn't happened today. (yet.)
(that loader didn't even flinch pulling out the truck that had dug a 8" hole in the ground)

3.) We can finally see the mountains and sky again

And reason #4 why today rocks, because it is OFFICIAL.  I am going to Mechanicville, New York this Halloween to see my girl Alissa and have ALL the adventures.  Words cannot describe how happy I am.  
There is no wiping the smile off my face today. And the countdown is on to Halloween.

Happy Friday everyone!  


  1. Look at you and your box suite tickets! How awesome.

  2. If you get suck in the snow again today, I might pee my pants. I love seeing those pictures show up on Facebook. I promise I'm not a huge jerk.

    I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL OCTOBER. This is seriously the best news, and a perfect way to start the weekend. The countdown is ON. I've never been more excited to be Alissa from little ole Mechanicville!

  3. YAYYYYYYYY! For the Halloween thing, not getting stuck in the snow. You really have to stop doing that...

  4. Yay for your trip! Halloween I'm sure will be here before you know it! Have fun at the game! Happy weekend lover!

  5. I am the same way with Yankee tickets. They give you sushi and wine one time and you just can't go back down there with the rest of the crowd!

  6. Mechanicville! It amazes me how infamous this tiny little town is in blogland. Congratulations on your first official blogger-trip!

    I want box seats. They sound really fun.

  7. Glad you had thing you liked today :)

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  8. I love those pictures of the mountains. Absolutely stunning. Sounds like your halloween plans are very exciting.
    Kayleigh http://www.thewayiwanderlust.blogspot.com.au

  9. AHHHH HOW FUN!!! The Mechanicville thing. And the Jazz thing. And everything else.


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