A Internet Birthday Party

So, I could tell you why yesterday rocked. Or- I could show you.

We had a little Google Hangout for Michelle's birthday which is TODAY. So go say happy birthday to her.  Actually, sing it to her.  She'll love it.  It lasted about two hours and basically it was the best part of my week.  And I am convinced once again that I have some of the best friends on the internet.  

and then it turned Friday, and things got even better.  
y'all have a great weekend, k?

p.s. I'm not totally sure what is going on with this whole GFC disappearing?  But you can follow me on Bloglovin' if you want. Because apparently that will still be around? I dunno.

I hate change.



    I'm glad you could join. Shay suggested doing this monthly, and I think that's a great idea. I wonder what Michelle's twin thinks of that.


    1. Remember when Michelle's picture was yelling, "I'm here! I'm here! I'm moving my arms around!"

  2. WHITNEY!!! After last night you are officially one of my favorite people in the universe. Seriously though, can you imagine if we were all together?! It would be MADNESS in the best way.

    Also, Michelle's twin says YES to monthly chats!

  3. You forgot about me :(

    But I'm glad I finally got to see your face in real time! You are my favorite, and we need to do that again. Soon.


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