A Legend

So, this weekend was pretty great.  By that, I mean I started my Saturday shifts for the rest of the summer.  I offered to work in our portable lab on Saturdays since Landon is at work that day anyway.  Plus, it's all overtime.  Score.

Speaking of score, as in: musical score.  We went to Layton High's musical on Saturday.  They performed the play Curtains and totally nailed it!  Fun fact about my high school: we really only have one thing that we can brag about.  Our musical theatre program.  And that is because of the director Mr. Ferrin. And he is retiring this year, so it was very important to me to be there on closing night of his last production.  I LOVED being in theatre in high school.  I was never even remotely close to having a large role, I remained in the chorus all three years, but I will always look back on those plays as the highlight of my high school experience.  I have Mr. Ferrin to thank for all of that.  For seeing in me the Nubian slave my sophomore year:

 And the Third Class Passenger on the Titanic:

And the showgirl from the 20's my Senior year:

I got a little choked up as the audience all stood in unison and applauded the magic he had brought to the stage, yet again.  I know that I was just a chorus member in his career, and I don't think he would remember me, but that man- changed my life.  Not only did he give me a place to belong during those three crucial years of my teenage life, but he gave me a passion for the rest of my life.

What I wouldn't give to get on stage again.


  1. Whitney! I had no idea you were in plays - that's awesome!

    Now, I have to ask - did you survive on the Titanic?

  2. That is so great that you got to see your director off- such a special moment! We didn't have a very big theatre program in my school, it never seemed like there was much interest in it. I was in a community center production of Annie in elementary school, though-- I ruled the Orphan Chorus. RULED IT.

  3. I've never seen a showgirl with that much cloth on their dress.

    You are such a rock star. Your dramatic flair totally makes sense now, and I love that you're still supporting the high school program that brought you so much joy.

  4. Is it sad that even reading this and thinking about him being done made me tear up? The fact that I never got to be in any of his shows is still one of the saddest things to me! He's incredible.

  5. I love this!!! You were a hottie up on that stage! I was in Damn Yankees, Grease, and South Pacific in high school. I got a lead in West Side Story my senior year, but I quit because the director was evil and I had a point to prove.

    But for real. As shy as I am, I loved performing on stage. I miss it!


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