So, this is the first Monday I haven't had a weekend vlog for you.  Probably because this weekend didn't involve snowboarding.  Friday, Landon took me to the range because one day he wants to buy a gun for me so we got an unlimited gun testing pass thing.  Turns out that wasn't the greatest idea, because the gun I ended up liking the most is a freaking $800 gun.  And Landon isn't someone who is going to buy me a gun that I don't love just to save oh, I don't know $400.  Love the guy, but kinda wish I didn't tell him I loved the P238.  Even though, look how cute!

Also, I'm a really great shot. boo yah.

Saturday was all about my cousin Bridger's baptism and getting in some quality family time.  And to see his little eight-year old self standing on a chair in front of his family being told how much we loved him and watching giant crocodile tears spill over his eyes when he realized just how much was very sweet. Kind of made my day.

Which I so desperately needed because when we got home from that, we finally buried Miss Scarlet in the garden out front and next to Mariah's frog Tadley.  It was a warm, sunny day and we wrapped her up in one of my shirts and laid her to rest.  And one little purple pansy was waiting in the garden for her.  It was perfect.

Sunday was just a lot of laying around.  Nothing epic to report.  A nice day of relaxation.  Got some rain.  And it just feels clean now.  The air. Everything. Perhaps a glimpse into Spring, maybe?



  1. You're not kidding when you said that you're a good shot. Come hang out with me and teach me your ways before the zombies show up?

    RIP Miss Scarlet :)

  2. Oh, man - most ladies have pictures of their dessert or their shoes. Their fave gun is a new one on me!

    You're a cutting-edge blogger, and apparently a crack shot - way to WIN!

  3. Geez remind me not to piss you off. At least you will be styling when you cap someone's ass.

  4. You and I should do a CWP class together. That could be one heck of a day... I wonder if CO and UT have a reciprocity arrangement for classes and permits?

    Although I am not that good of a shot. No way. We're calling you Annie Oakley for sure.


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