Hot Dogs All Around. Cause That Makes Sense.

So, while you're reading this, chances are I'm up in the mountains shredding it up.  My boss was so awesome and let me cut work for probably the last day of boarding this season, so I gotta make it a good one. Even got our boards waxed up for optimum grindage.

Don't worry, I'm not going to start next week with another snowboarding vlog.  Speaking of vlogs, head over to Alissa's. I'm sure she has a treat for you. and by treat I mean noodle-speared wieners. But before you go, I leave you with this:

Your day just got better, didn't it?
Happy Friday poodles! see you on Monday.


  1. Have fun! We're going Sunday... as long as you promise you're thinking of me right now, I'll think of you on Sunday =)

  2. Have an awesome time! And I hope you make a vlog, even though you said you aren't going to.

  3. Have fun! My parents are in Park City this week and have taken every opportunity to let me know about all I am missing.


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