How Does That Even Happen?

Good news.  Landon and I have internet again!!  Even though it came at the steep cost of being social and introducing ourselves to our new house mates.  Totally worth it in the end.

Here is a fun story about yesterday. And I'm not even kidding a little.
I was driving home from work yesterday and I was on the interstate listening to 97.1 minding my own business when a FREAKING SNAKE falls OUT OF THE SKY onto the hood of my truck!!

It slithered a little bit and I screamed bloody murder and slammed on the brakes and the snake flew off. And that was the last I saw of it.

A snake, you guys. fell on my truck. while I was driving at 75 miles per hour.
what are the odds?

My consensus?  A bird had picked it up, flown in the air and dropped it.
That- or snakes are learning to fly. Emphasis on learning. Because if that's the case, the snake I came in contact with wasn't very good at it.

I'm sticking with the douche bag bird theory, though.
I can't even.


  1. WHITNEY. I'm concerned.

    This is crazy talk. Snakes? Falling from the sky? Looks like you'll need to come to NY sooner than we thought.

    Glad your Internet is working again. Ready for Thursday??

  2. It's a sign with the snake falling out of the sky. You've done pissed someone off and they are throwing snakes at you - in an attempt to make you think you're crazy and believe it fell out of the sky. WTF?? :)

  3. The snake was obviously trying to continue the evolutionary cycle. In about 500 years or so, it'll be just as smart as the birds who run headlong into windshields and windows thinking there's nothing there, instead of this "falling out of the sky" nonsense.

    Yay for new internets!

  4. you braked on the interstate? are you crazy?

    and yes. that's all i took from this story.

  5. My ex hates snakes.. You just gave me a fantastic idea.. Mmkay, thanks and love you!

    1. Haha! Fabulous...using a snake for it!
      Shanna (formerly

  6. i seriously just died reading this. SO FUNNY hahaha

  7. This is terrifying. Kudos to you for not peeing your pants like I probably would have done.

  8. SOOO glad you didn't die of braking-on-the-interstate. Because seriously.

    Maybe it was thrown up by the wheels of another vehicle nearby? Happens a lot in jungle areas w/ Land Rovers. Poor little guy thought he was safe in North America. Probably hated life (and cars) pretty hard that day.

  9. that is the most horrifying thing I have ever heard.

  10. Interesting...snakes falling from the sky...let's see, I'm sure we can decipher the meaning of this satanistic occurrence if we think really hard. Hmmm....hang on, I'm thinking... Oh! I got it! You had bought apples that day, yes? (I'm just assuming here.) Well , obviously the apples are poisonous & the snake was God's way of telling you not to eat them. Genius! You didn't buy apples? Hmm... Well, I'm out of ideas, then. What an awful(ly cool) thing to happen!


  11. EXCUSE ME?!?!?!

    Whitney. I'm having heart palpitations. If that would've happened to me, I wouldn't be alive to blog about it. Nothing scares me more than snake. Just typing that word makes me shake.

    Also, I can't wait to chat tomorrow! 3 cheers for interent!


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