I Hate Tony Horton.

So Landon wanted me to clarify that he is NOT converting to Scientology.  He said to tell you guys he "just thought it was interesting."  So there goes my chances of getting to mingle with the crazy celebrities.  Oh well, I have back up plans as far as that goes.

In a last stitch effort to get ready for #operationbikini I have jumped back on the P90X bandwagon after Tony Horton maliciously threw me off of it a couple months ago.  And I am convinced that Tony Horton is going to be the bane of my existence.  In fact, he probably hangs out with Bane.

knew it.

He also tells me  that I can't have sweets.  And I thought that was pretty mean of him considering this is the ONLY time of the year Cadberry Candy Coated Chocolate Eggs are available.  He better be able to hold up his end of the bargain, because this kind of detox is not easy.

Stupid Tony Horton.

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  1. BANNNNEEEEE! I have a tiny Bane doll in my purse at all times. Jes gave him to me. He's my plastic lover.

    As for the no sweets...so I shouldn't send you lollipops??

  2. I had a similar relationship with "Shaun T" when I did Insanity last year. He was my number one enemy, and still the sound of his voice makes me start to profusely sweat!!!

  3. what a jerk really. haha i loathe jillian michaels. (still scared to try P90X)!

  4. I have the same relationship with Nike Training Club. So rude!

  5. no 50-year-old man should look like that.
    they probably photoshopped his man boobs.

  6. chocolate covered cadbury eggs are the best and why did he have to pick this time of the year to do it when those yummy yummy eggs are in the stores? i would protest and complain!

  7. Totally a jerk face. I can never trust a man who has bigger boobs than I do.

  8. Oh Gawds, the little blue Horton-weenie! I had forgotten that particular trauma.

    He wears these little blue PT trunks, and sort of flops it around at you - the little blue Jimmy-Dean-esque blue sausage you neither wanted or needed in your life. Augh, be strong - it nearly drove me to drink in the end.

    Also - buy the Eggs. They're made of nothing real, they will keep. Buy now, and then store them like a squirrel for Sweatshirt Season.

  9. I hate Horton. Like, really a lot. A LOT. Ammon likes P90X, we've both tried it a couple of times. I like to heckle Tony.

    Also, I haven't had any Easter candy either and it's killing me. I even bought Ammon a jumbo bag of Reese's eggs for his lunches, and haven't touched a single one. I expect that this puts me firmly on the non-stop express train to sexy town, right???


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