It's sad how hard I tried to come up with a post today

And finally I said, "Landon, let me get a picture of your face."

So today, all I'm giving you is his epic handle-bar/soul-patch combo. Treat it well.

My husband is too school for cool.


  1. He should always have his facial hair like that.


    PS: Is it Tuesday yet? Or October?

  2. Woa! That is out of control, Flanders has taken on his true identity! Next, Buffalo Bills helmet? Explain? My other is the only Bills fan so I'm mystified. Lastly, COOOOOKIIIESSS look yummy!!! PS sorry I've been mia started a new job and didn't know if I could get on the internet and then I just said oh well, I'll just do it. What are they gonna do fire me?

  3. I feel like this all the time! Why is it so hard sometimes?! Hate it. But, I'm loving that you pushed through the writer's block and posted something! :)

  4. Soul patches rule the world. Word.

  5. I have a super creepy picture of Andy with a handlebar mustache. He looks like a molester.


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