Let's Wrap this Week Up and Lock it in the Closet

ok so first things first: our Ski Bum Name winner from yesterday goes to Kana from The Ragin' Anchor not just for the name, but her comment that came with it.

Also, you should go to her blog and look at her awesome Neckbeard Hornbeast that she drew.  As if her pure wit wasn't enough.  She can draw awesomely weird mythical creatures.  Congrats on winning best Ski Bum Name/comment/my respect.

In other news, I think we can all be grateful that this week is finally over.  It has seemed to bring quite some heartache to some of us around blogland.  But hopefully it's nothing that a little weekend relaxation can't cure.  No boarding this weekend, so I think I'm going to focus on sleeping in and maybe learning a new song or two on my guitar.  aka this one.

I have loved this song for a few years now when I heard Old Crow Medicine Show do it.  And then suddenly I'm hearing Darius' voice singing it on the radio? I couldn't have been more excited.  Plus, I re-wrote the words to this song with my brother and sister for our parents one Christmas when none of us had any money.  And we recorded it in my uncle's car wash and put it on a CD, as well as singing it to them at our family Christmas party in front of everyone wearing pioneer clothes.  I tend to give the best gifts when I'm flat out broke.

Have a good weekend everyone! Get some sunshine time if you're in Utah.  Word on the street is we're hitting 50 this weekend.  aka break out the swimsuits!


  1. I'm glad this week is over too! I want to lock her up and throw away the key. I love Old Crow Medicine Show so I've always loved this song, but I do really like the Darius version too!

  2. HOOOOTIE!!!

    Okay, I know that's not his real name, but I love saying Hootie.

    This week was for the birds. I'm glad it's over. Enjoy your weekend :)


    That song is my jam. There was this group of boys I went to college with who had a band-- and at every SINGLE open mic they used to play two songs: Wagon Wheel, and Cecelia by Simon and Garfunkle. Such great memories! Hope this weekend is better than the week!! :)

  4. Sometimes we still listen to Hootie & the Blowfish. I'm not ashamed.

    Kana is awesome :-)


  5. Love the Darius version of this song!!

  6. You wore pioneer clothes to a Christmas party???

    Jailhouse Boy McGee is an epic ski bum name. Especially for a chick.

    1. OMG I'm famous...thanks to Tiffany @ the PDC for helping me find this blog!

      I read/loved her JMeoww #7 entry, and just clicked on every human who had the good sense to comment. Turns out good taste runs both ways, and now I am following 6 more delightful bloggers! Including one with a very generous heart, I'm TALKING TO YOU, MISS WHITNEY...and now, (*puts shades on*)I'm famous, baby.

  7. Hahaha Kana cracks me up! I love her.

  8. at first i thought "old crow medicine show" was darius rucker's ski bum name.
    it was very confusing.


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