Making a Comeback

As I struggled to decide what to write about last night I got on iTunes to see if there was any good music out that I needed to add to the collection.  Did you guys know that David Bowie just released a new album? And Bon Jovi? And Eric Clapton.  Old guys are coming back.  I'm not a huge David Bowie fan, unless we are talking about The Labyrinth and this classic song that comes with it:

Other than that though, David just isn't really my cup of tea.  Sign me up for Bon Jovi though.  As I was basking in classic rock n' roll, I came upon a video of a student at Vanderbilt University who got the balls to request to accompany Billy Joel on the piano.  And magic happened.

Billy Joel is such a cool dude.  I went to his concert three years ago when he was here with Elton John. I wouldn't be mad if either of them came out with new albums.  Not that they need it....but I do.

the reaction Billy Joel gets from me.


  1. I don't listen to any of this :( Well, any of their new stuff. But now you've got me thinking that I should...

    Also, I love your hair in that picture. LOVE.

  2. Someone I follow tweeted that Billy Joel video yesterday, oh my gosh. Billy is THE MAN and that kid was amazing!!! I don't know how he managed to murder it on the keys while also not crapping his pants. I would have.

  3. omg i'm feeling the same right now! excuse me whilst i spazz haha!

    new follower! katie @ thecarbmonster

  4. yessssssss.
    that WAS a good concert.

    also, never seen labyrinth. although that video looks promising. i'll have to add that to my to-do list this weekend.

  5. Billy Joel and Elton get my soul and tug hard every time. I love, love, love them. SO MUCH.

  6. Love Billy. Paul Simon is coming to Melbourne but for only one day and I can't make it!

    Will also add to this list Tom Petty.


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