Oh Hey.

I don't even have a lot to say.  Because I'm running low on energy due to using what I have on Candy Crush. WHICH- I don't even like, but can't seem to stop playing.  And using more energy on freshly obtained seasons 1 AND 2 of Duck Dynasty which I DO like love. oh, and the last little bit of energy goes to keeping up with all you hooligans and getting rid of traces of dry-erase marker I'm still finding on my face.

praise the gods for Redbull and other highly caffeinated beverages.
oh, and just in case you were wondering, Cadbury Eggs CLEANED UP in the poll from Tuesday.
I keep eating both candy eggs and I'm having a serious internal struggle with which one I like more.  Because I really, truly can't tell you.
I just can't.

and if you got nothing left to do on your Thursday, go check out Alissa hazing the crap out of my commenters from the candy egg post.  she's pro at commenting on comments. commenting, commenting, COMMENTING!

and scene.


  1. Commenting, commenting, COMMENTING!!!

    I was at work yesterday and I thought, "What if I didn't get all of that eye liner off?"

    Can't wait until our next hangout. Soon? Next week? Okay, sounds good.

  2. That was hilarious. I needed that smile today. My vacation is over and my bf's parents think they need to be as noisy as possible to wake everybody else up.

  3. The hazing Alissa did this week set the bar VERY high for the coming Tuesdays.

    Also, I assumed you clowns were using google effects for those THINGS on your face- but you used EXPO MARKERS?!??! Wild children. Every last one of you.

  4. remember how my eyes were BURNING burning BURNING.

  5. I had a Cabury egg for the first time this season the other day...I successfully resisted the urge to go back in the store and buy 234023472034 more

  6. I made it to level 35 in candy crush, and the jerkfaces told me I needed to a) bug my friends on facebook for more levels or b) pay them cash money. Neither of those options is acceptable to me, so my Candy Crush days are numbered.

    I have not had a single bite of Easter Candy this year. This should be recorded as a veritable miracle.

    You and I need to google chat soon.

  7. I require more advance notice for this fantastic excuse to not go to the gym. However this whole marker situation makes me nervous. Maybe I can't hang with y'all...


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