Throwback: Most Embarrassing Moment Edition

So, I've been saving this story for awhile now.  And I think it's time it surfaced.  Because you all read this blog, I feel like you know me, it's about time you hear one of my "Most Embarrassing Moments." Mind you, I don't really get embarrassed per say, but it's one of those times when I guess I should have been.  You remember this picture? It was the night of UVU's Halloween dance back in 2009.

And ex-bf Douche Bag Chris was getting us back in the midst of our prank war.  This was his best btw.  He filled my room up to almost the ceiling with newspaper.  My bed sat really high, so you can see truly how much newspaper is in there.
Well, we got home from the dance around 1 am.  Sweaty and our togas barely in tact [note to self: NEVER make your own toga again] we find our rooms with all this newspaper.  It wasn't even one of those times where you sweep it off and say, "I'll clean it up in the morning."  It had to go that night.  With the amount of newspaper in the room, my dress and closet were completely buried. I kicked around the floor and found a mildly oversized t-shirt I could wear instead of trucking the newspaper back and forth in an amateur toga.  I could not however, find any sort of pants.  So I put on the shirt and was taking arm fulls of paper out to the dumpster.
My roommates were dying because they were like,
"What if someone sees you out by the dumpster without any pants on?"
And I'm like, "it's 2 in the morning.  No one is out there."
So again, I grabbed an arm full of newspaper and headed outside. I almost got to the dumpster and I heard male voices.  I considered the options:
1) run. but I couldn't run back towards my apartment because that's where the voices were coming from, and I didn't want to run further away because the possibility of seeing more people was becoming more real to me.
2) hide in or behind the dumpster. um, no. because diseases.
3) by the time I tried to think of a 3rd option the boys came into view, so I dropped all my newspaper and sat down in it, covering myself up.  They saw me, and started walking towards me.  Though for the record, if I saw someone sitting in a pile of newspaper at two o'clock in the morning next to a dumpster, I would just walk away. Seriously, I guarantee you if you see someone in that situation A: they are probably dangerous or B: they don't want to talk to you.
But alas, they walked right up to me and were like, "Are you ok?"
And I was all, "Yes..."
And then they are like, "what are you doing?"
and I was all, "I got pranked....and I'm not wearing pants...."
And then it was awkward.
They were like, "ok....bye...." and continued on their way.  But they kept looking back to see if I was still there.  And so I just sat there. On the asphalt in a pile of old newspaper in the middle of the night.

My life has been pretty much been uphill since that moment.


  1. OMG! You even told them you didn't have pants on. I don't think I could do that. lol. I love this story though.

  2. Hahahaha WHITNEY, this cracked me up! I wonder if those boys thought you were homeless...maybe. Probably. I would have.

    Don't worry, I'll get embarrassed for both of us when we hang out.

  3. Hahahaha okay this is the best most embarassing story ever! Thanks for the laugh

  4. This is absolutely hilarious!!! I am dying!! Those must have been so confused!

    That picture is amazing, and I have to say that is such a great prank!

  5. hahahahaha I love homegirl in the front's face!

  6. i forgot about this gem. my question is what'd he have to do to get all that friggin' newspaper? sell an organ?

  7. organ as in liver. not organ as in instrument.

    i thought the clarification was needed.

  8. Oh my goodness, this is hilarious. And actually probably much less awkward than I would have come up with at 2 am which would have been "see boys, panic, wrap newspaper around my butt."

  9. Hahahaha! Oh Whitney... you did a fabulous job of making that situation absolutely awkward. Stupendous, really.

  10. Oh GAWDS so funny! "Because diseases." Oh man. So many giggles, so many stares from coworkers.

    But worth it...those guys were probably checking behind them to see you sans pants. Or confirm that you weren't some sort of half-woman, half-newspaper garbage centaur.

  11. ...and I'm not wearing pants. Hahahaha.

    All I can think of is newpaper ink everywhere and I am having a heart attack.

  12. This just made me so happy. Work is running so long today, and then this? Oh work, shmirk.. this is hysterical.

    FYI, I'm the kind of ass who would probably make you clean it up yourself.

  13. Hahaha! I can't believe you told them you weren't wearing pants :p

  14. HAHAHA. This is incredible. But all I can think of is HOW did this guy get all that paper in there? Where dod it come from?!?! Oh my gosh.

  15. I found you from Shay's blog featuring her top 5 blog posts and the ending seriously made me laugh out loud... thank u!

  16. "...because diseases." Still my favorite line.

  17. What a geniiius prank!

    I mean, i feel for you big time, but the actual prank. Incredible. Not to mention the fact that it had you sitting pantsless under newspaper by a dumpster. hahahaha SO good.


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