Yesterday was Just One of Those Days

Only because it started with me trying to help a co-worker get a piece of paper he threw away on accident out the dumpster.  Well, that wasn't the bad part.  The bad part started from the day before where I made a smallish snag on the front of my work jeans on our fence.  I was planning on getting new pants anyway, I just needed them to last me one more day.  Fast forward to yesterday morning where I threw my leg up on a ledge of the dumpster only to hear a loud, "kkcchhrrrrrr" across my leg.  In between mending the tear and snap chatting Alissa about it, I had a moment to reflect on the incident and my whole life, really.

I had just ripped a huge hole in my jeans whilst I was DUMPSTER DIVING and mended them together with DUCT TAPE AND SAFETY PINS.

I don't know that it gets more redneck than that.

I haven't felt this dumb since the last pant-less situation I had at a dumpster.

And then, I managed to get away for about a half hour and hit up a Target to get some new pants.  Thought all was forgotten.  I had new jeans, my leg didn't look like a duct taped mummy... I had moved on.  And then later my boss was all, "I still can't believe you ripped your jeans dumpster diving."

And then I learned a life lesson:

Just because they stopped talking about it, doesn't mean they forgot.

Put THAT in your Friday Pipe and smoke it.

I know it sounds like I am complaining, this whole thing is actually really hilarious to me.  And I am lucky to have co-workers who are such great friends, even if most of the time they are teasing me. :)


  1. Oh Whitney...I'm keeping you away from dumpsters when you visit. Even though Target is only 5 minutes away from my house...

    I took a screenshot of your camo snapchat. It was amazing and I will keep it forever!

    Happy Friday :)

  2. This post just confirms the fact that in a past life you were most definitely homeless.

  3. This post just confirms the fact that in a past life you were most definitely homeless.

  4. Oh Whit, so desperate for Friday that she lost it and went dumpster diving. But on a serious note, that's a good life lesson. I can only imagine the shit they say about me at work.

  5. This is fantastic. Aside from a homeless person, you are probably the one person who has had two pantless debaucles in a dumpster. I love it.

  6. Want to hear something awesome? The pants I am wearing right this second have hems that fall. They are held in by duct tape. My dry cleaner goes to great lengths to remove the tape. Only so that I can put more in. I am totally redneck. 100%.

    Also, you should probably avoid dumpsters when you're wearing pants. And not wearing pants. This is a great reason for Landon to always take the trash out.


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