oh hey.

So, I didn't post yesterday because I was grumpy.  And I didn't have my AM Rockstar so the whole world was crashing down around me.  Today I've got it in hand and things are looking brighter.  Especially because the weather is calling for snow tomorrow. Which means I might catch a break this week.

Want to hear something sad.  On the radio a minute ago, they said on average, we as humans talk about the weather 49 hours a year, or SIX MONTHS in our lifetime.  Which means basically, we are in 6 months worth of such horribly awkward situations that all we can muster up is, "How about this weather, huh?"

kills me.

About all I got to talk about other than work is the AMA Supercross I went to over the weekend.  Where pictures were taken that not everyone was ready for.  Or where I just look...bad.

But, it was awesome.  And it was great to hang out with my family and friends I haven't seen in so long.

oh, and Villopoto sealed up the championship right before my eyes. So that was awesome.

For my Brother

I had to come into work today at six.  Which means I have to get up at 4:30.  I thought it was going to be harder than it was to wake up that early, but it turns out I'm a morning person. I'm also a night person. So really, I'm everything besides a mid-day person. I tend to get really needy around that time and also require a nap most days.  And do I get one? No. I don't.  Which is why I'm not a mid-day person.

Glad we cleared that up. 

ANYWAYS. Today is a special day.  Because 25 years ago, my brother Brenden was born.  I mean, I wasn't around back then.  But, I imagine it was quite the awesome day.  My brother has been my best friend my whole life.  He taught me to look at the good in everything. (unless it's the government. ha!) He is always here to talk to me.  He would wait up for me every night in high school and talk to me about my day and my friends and my life til two in the morning while Walker Texas Ranger flickered on the tv.  He only ever gave a solid approval on one boy I dated.  And that was important to me.  And I ended up marrying that boy.  He's got a horse, a helicopter and one of the biggest hearts I know.
So here is to my broseph: the best one I've ever had.

Also, ladies, he's single!! wink wink. nudge nudge. he's gonna kill me.

Happy birthday Bear.  I love you!!

p.s. remember my dog doing the creep? Brenden is 100% responsible for teaching him that. Just thought I would throw that in there since I failed to mention it the other day.

Following Your Heart is Stupid.

So, Don't Shave crushed Shave in yesterday's poll. (Which- is still open for another 40 minutes if you haven't voted.) But Landon is really taking into account the "Follow You Heart" votes, which, I don't even know why I put that on there...And his heart is telling him to shave.  I told him, he would be in huge trouble, and then he was all, "Ok, I won't shave it off, but you're all responsible if I don't get the job because I looked unprofessional."  And then I decided I didn't want that on my conscious or any of yours. So I told him to follow his heart.  Damn it, there I go again with that.

Anyways, his big interview is at 9:00 this morning.  So everyone, throw up some prayers, or good vibes, do a rain dance to the Job Interview Gods and cross all of your extremities that he nails this interview so that we can move on with our lives.

It's time to get out of Utah County. It just is.

old dogs and new tricks. and another poll.

Yesterday was the best day off of all time.  I took two naps and ended the evening with a google chat with Michelle, Alissa and Amanda Bynes.  Alissa got matching face bling so they're basically BFFs now.

And then Landshark came home with a super sexy new hair cut and dinner.

It was the best spur of the moment day off. ever.

also, I got video of my dog Tukae doing "the creep" over the weekend.  We taught him to crawl across the carpet for a piece of food and it's hilarious.  It's even better on the wood floor where he doesn't have enough traction to go anywhere.  He is almost 14 years old and living proof that old dogs can learn new tricks.

Now, before I leave you, Landon has a very important question for all of you.  He has a big interview on Thursday, hence the fancy new hair cut.  BUT- should he shave the scruff?  He is totally pulling off the sexy rugged look, but is it too casual for an interview? Even if he like, cleans it up and stuff? 
Let us know before Thursday!

Sleeping In

I don't even know how to say this without sounding like I'm bragging....buuut,

I get today off work!! ha-haaa!

ok wow, that was unnecessary.
But it is true.  Paving was canceled again today and so my boss gave me the option to take today off so I can keep my hours under control. So here I sit, swaddled in five different blankets enjoying being able to sleep in until seven.  Yes.  Sleeping in to me is seven now.

Funny story about sleeping in:
Two nights ago, Landon was doing laundry and he put a load of jeans in around ten or eleven.  I dunno, I was asleep already.  I had no idea what was going on.  ANYWAY, he set an alarm at 2:30 am so he could put them in the dryer so they would be ready for him when he woke up.  I DID NOT know this.  All I know about alarms on his phone is the first one goes off at 8:30 (I have to get up by 5:30).  So when this alarm starts going off I LITERALLY had a panic attack thinking I've slept in three hours and that I'm already an hour and a half late for work. And then Landon stands up out of bed to shut it off (not telling me that it was the middle of the night as I am scrambling to get free from my five blanket burrito) and his knees buckled or something and he completely collapsed on the floor.  He starts mumbling cuss words and my incoherent brain thinks that he is cussing because he was late.  And I'm thinking: this is it. you're going to get fired! (Not that I would even get fired for accidentally sleeping in.) I finally found my phone and click it on to see that it's two thirty in the morning.  I'm not kidding you when I say I've never been more relieved in. my. life.

and then I'm like, "Landon, what are you doing on the floor?"

Remember Prom?

So, our job got rained out (of course it did) on Saturday and I got the day off.  I remember when they told me, "And you won't have a day off again until it rains." and thinking I'm going to be working until I die. I didn't realize that would come to mean the day after tomorrow.  So what did I do with my Saturday?  Sleep in? Of course not.  I high tailed it up to the Rents' house to help my little sister get ready for her Senior Prom.  She. Looked. Gorgeous.  I did her nails and I'm going to take credit for 51% of her hair.

She made her date's boutonniere out of an old pocket watch and filled it with pearls to match her dress. Mariah has totally started a trend at her school for making the boutonnieres instead of buying them.  And her date, Tanner (they are secretly in love, even they don't know it yet) made her corsage.  He put a freaking bird in it.  And that is why they are perfect for each other.

I made a video for her.  I was very aware of how annoying I was while I was filming and editing everything, but- I'm so happy with how it turned out and am totally jealous I don't have a video like this from my Prom.

Go ahead and watch it if you feel like revisiting one of the most magical moments in high school.

I was so happy I got to spend the day with her and help her get ready.  I felt like it was a defining "Sister Moment" that we will be able to look back on.  It was totally worth not sleeping in for.  She is thee greatest sister I could ever ask for and I love her so so much.  And I am SO happy Tanner took her to the Prom.  I know without a doubt she couldn't have had a better time with anyone else.

They definitely win best couple.

Just Things

Yesterday, I was playing music on my iPod at work.  It was a darling girl, who is really mellow and has a sweet little voice and my boss walks in and is all, "Who we listening to? Janis Joplin?"  I died.  Because Janis Joplin has like this chain smoker voice and is just a party and a half.  AKA couldn't be more polar opposite from what we were listening to.

And then I went home and was telling Landon about it because I was still laughing and he was all, "Who is Janis Joplin?"  So I played "Piece of My Heart" for him and tried to sing along.  It's like trying to sing with AC/DC I just couldn't make my voice sound like hers no matter how hard I tried.  Basically, I just sounded like Chewbacca.  If you want to hear this unique voice I'm talking about, if you too, don't know who Janis Joplin is:

and then last night, I woke up at 3:00 in the morning when our water heater turned on and started making loud noises.  I of course don't think it's our water heater, but that it is someone in my shower.  And I start getting really freaked out that I'm going to have to deal with an intruder using my shampoo. 

It's a good thing my sleep dialing problem has toned down.  The last thing I need is the police showing up to my apartment in the middle of the night because someone is in my shower my water heater turned on.

And that is all I got today.
Have a great weekend!

Amanda Please.

A lot was accomplished yesterday on my last day off til it rains.  I got my Driver's License fixed finally.  You wonder what was wrong? Well, two years ago when I renewed it, they put the issue date and the expiration date as the same. So, "technically" I've been driving on an expired license since July 2011. Which was the big reason why I was so nervous to drive to St. George with only one headlight working.  I didn't want to get booked in the Beaver County Jail.  But all is taken care of.

Also, Amanda Bynes crashed mine and Alissa's Google Chat last night.

It was terrifying to say the least. Ok that didn't really happen, but- Alissa has the cops on speed dial in case she shows up in her window.  If you haven't seen the video of her getting ready, go ahead and click here.  I can't find a way to embed the video, so you'll just have to head over there.

Nothing like starting your day by watching a Meth addict suck on a Sour Patch Kid.

I'm Not Lying This Time

sooooo, remember when I got fake bangs and tried to trick you into thinking they were real?  And I probably would have gotten away with it if Alissa hadn't blown my cover?

Well. This time? They're 100% real. Like my boobs. What?

Maybe I squealed a little as I watched a foot of hair fall into my lap.  And maybe I got really concerned before he was finished and I thought I had made the biggest mistake in my life.  And maybe, my heart dropped to the floor when Landon didn't adore them immediately.  But really, he did I was just over analyzing things.  And maybe I went to Target and bought a lot of head bands and some heat rollers and went home, curled my hair, touched my bangs and put on a new outfit for a night on the town.

and that is when I fell in love with the bangs.

Then we took Skyler out to Wing Nutz for dinner and to Farr's for ice cream because it was his birthday.  We are the best. I know.  And then I sat on his couch while he and Landon played a new video game. And I sat there enjoying my new bangs.  Because they are fun.  And I'm still in the stage where I don't hate them.  I think that comes about two days after you cut them.  So let's talk on Thursday.

I get today off because starting tomorrow I won't have a day off until it rains again.  True story.
So, I'm probably waking up to post this and going back to bed. Bangs and all.

bangs count in this post: 5


oh hey.
I didn't write a post today. But- Alissa and I got talking about this youtube video that is one of our favorites.  Enjoy!

One for my Heart

I was grumpy last Friday. I was. But a miracle happened and paving for the weekend was cancelled.  I was depressed at first because Landon had already left for St. George without me.  But then I decided that wasn't going to stop me.  Because what's a four hour drive after an eleven hour shift in the middle of the night with only one headlight working? Nothing. It was nothing.  I popped open a Sugar Free Rockstar and drove with my fingers crossed the whole way that I wouldn't get pulled over.

Spent a nice, relaxing weekend with the in-laws, ate way too much food, got to meet Shay up for dinner and frog hunting, spent the afternoon with two grandparents and a great, and I even slept in past 8 o'clock both days.  It was something I needed. I didn't realize it til I was there.  It was a vacation for my heart.  And it's probably the last one I'll have for awhile because the pavers are firing up on Wednesday.

Fridays Mean Nothing to Me Anymore.

I'm working straight through the weekend. And there is no day off for me in the forseeable future.
And Landon is going down to St. George for his brother's wedding without me.

I'm all sorts of grumpy this morning.

you all have an awesome weekend for me, k?

scratch all of this.
I ended up getting the weekend and headed down to St. George to be with Landon and also to hang out with SHAAAAYYYY!!!

The Alligator is my Favorite

I worked a 14 hour shift yesterday.
cheers to summertime construction.

And after such a long day, I didn't really want to put in the effort to type up a post.  But then I thought, "you guys are worth it."  so, here goes nothing.

Four score and seven years ago...

ok, you know what? This isn't working out.
It's not you.  It's me.
And the fact that I spend twice the amount of time at work than I do at home.

here. I thought this was funny.
let me use the brilliance of other people on the internet as my own.
sort of.

Dance like Nobody is Watching. And Also be Glad They're Not...

So, I don't know if you guys have seen this floating around Facebook:

It definitely has some good tips on there and some really cheesy ones too.  But I want to focus on number 44 here for a moment and perhaps throw out a word of caution:

Landon and I got home from buying me some new work boots and I had an unusual amount of energy for 5:00 in the afternoon.  So I grabbed Landon's hands and started dancing around our living room with him.  Neither of us are really good dancers so we mostly were goofing off and it was all good fun. And then I backed up and said, "Now, for the big finish!"  Imagining this:

 photo tumblr_m4ykkbgXXq1rr5zkyo1_500_zps65d9cb4b.gif

And I don't know if Landon was picturing the same thing, just with him as the chick....(?)or what, but we both jumped in the air at the same time and not only did the biggest chest bump of all time, but managed to bash each other's knee caps with our own knees.  It was probably the most epic dirty dancing lift fails of all time. OF ALL TIME.  And despite my boobs and my knee caps being in unimaginable amounts of pain, it was definitely one of the highlights of our relationship.

And I guess what I'm saying is: 
Never try this unless you are with Patrick Swayze.  
AKA Never try this.
Too soon?

Retail Therapy

So, I've never been much into retail therapy.  I self medicate usually through music, watching cry-your-eyes-out movies or really long naps.  But since I've been married to Landon, the idea of buying my happiness has become more and more real. (he's a spender.) I still don't like to spend money that much (I know, how dare I call myself a girl) but this weekend, I made up for my frugality and really just let loose.

It all started with my fingernails.  I'm sure you all remember when I used to get Gel Nails twice a month.  And how much I loved them.  I loved how they treated me when I went into the spa, I loved pretending like I was in the popular girl's crowd.  But then I realized I was spending $80 a month on them.  And it really hit me in the gut when I realized if I kept it up it would be $960 a year. for FINGERNAILS.  I had to stop. Because as I mentioned above, I don't like to spend money.  So, I was buying some eye liner at Sally's a couple weeks ago when I saw a kit to do the gel nails yourself.  And the curing light and everything.  It was going to cost me around $130 so I walked away, but it stayed on my mind for the next couple weeks.  Well, I caved on Friday and bought it.  And I LOVE it.
I'll never go back to that spa again.  Well, at least not for nails. They do have a cute boutique...  But I was so stoked when the stuff I bought worked so well.  And then that feeling made me want to buy more.  So while Landon and Skyler were at the Priesthood sesh of conference, I went back to the mall* to get a head band to match my new manicure.  And I got one.  and a new scarf. and a new shirt. and two pairs of leggings. and a new swimming suit. and another headband.  In two days, I managed to spend nearly an entire week's paycheck worth of money on myself.  I got home and put all my bags on the bed and was just stood there a little shocked.  And experienced a pang of buyer's remorse.  And then got over it.
The moral of this story is that sometimes, if you are sad?  It's ok to splurge on yourself to make yourself feel better.  But then make sure you put on all your new stuff and pull yourself together.

*DO NOT go to the Orem University Mall on Girl's Night.  Unless you have like, a riot shield and baton.  Because seriously, that place was ridiculous.


You guys.  The hiatus is over.  I'm not going to lie, that week away was very much needed.  I will probably be pretty vague about the reason behind my absence for the next little while.  Not because I don't want you guys to know what is going on, but just because I am not ready for the entire internet to have the details of my heart at their finger tips.

But I do need to take a second here for a second and tell you all how very thankful I am for you.

When I found myself in a familiar despair, instead of dealing with it by myself (like I have in the past) I was overwhelmed with the love and support that was in my inbox, text messages, phone calls, tweets and even snap chats.  Spur of the moment BBQs and Bachelorette parties brought my spirits up too.  When I was caught in the "all hope is lost" mindset,  you all really stepped up to the plate and caught me mid fall.

Friends like you are few and far between.  And I know the only reason I have a lot of you is because of our blogs.  It terrifies me how close I came to not meeting you.  And even more so after this week.  Because I do not know what I would have done with out you.  I needed you, and I still need you and I can promise you, I probably always will.

I think every single blogger started their little blog for one reason or another, but I guarantee the reason we have kept them is a different one.  I started mine as a little document for my new life with Landon.  And was so surprised to find such deep and meaningful friendships.

While my heart is still broken, I feel like I can head into everything with a new and brighter outlook.  It's time to move forward.  I have been rejuvenated this week; physically, emotionally and spiritually.
And while this change is still terrifying, I know I will be ok because of the support I have behind me.
Really and truly, I will never be able to say thank you enough.

My cup runneth over.

I love you all so much.
And I hope you know that I will always be there for you if you ever should need me.

even if it's just a romantic snapchat conversation. :)

and now, to lighten the mood, I leave you with a grainy cell phone video of Shadow chasing his tail:

not an april fools

so many things are on my mind.

and all I feel is:


this is an unofficial announcement of a blogging hiatus.
just need to figure some things out.
I promise I'll be back.
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