Amanda Please.

A lot was accomplished yesterday on my last day off til it rains.  I got my Driver's License fixed finally.  You wonder what was wrong? Well, two years ago when I renewed it, they put the issue date and the expiration date as the same. So, "technically" I've been driving on an expired license since July 2011. Which was the big reason why I was so nervous to drive to St. George with only one headlight working.  I didn't want to get booked in the Beaver County Jail.  But all is taken care of.

Also, Amanda Bynes crashed mine and Alissa's Google Chat last night.

It was terrifying to say the least. Ok that didn't really happen, but- Alissa has the cops on speed dial in case she shows up in her window.  If you haven't seen the video of her getting ready, go ahead and click here.  I can't find a way to embed the video, so you'll just have to head over there.

Nothing like starting your day by watching a Meth addict suck on a Sour Patch Kid.


  1. I have never seen anything as terrifying as that video.


    You two ladies are gorgeous though, so I think I will stick with that!

  2. You two are out of control.

    Not as out of control as Ms. Bynes, but give it time!

    ALSO.. your hair(s) LOOK PERFECT!!!

  3. I AM STILL SO CREEPED OUT BY THAT. I slept with my contacts in last night because I was too scared to get up and go to the bathroom to take them out - what if Amanda was in there??

    BTW ...I've seen better days...but your hair is flawless.

  4. I used to love Amanda Bynes. What a shame.

  5. dude. shes scaring the shittake out of me. i had to follow her on twitter just to witness her fiery crash. which probably makes me a terrible human but i mean

  6. Whyyyy? She used to be so cute :(
    Annnnnd you didn't have to pay for a new license because it was their screw up, did you?

  7. P.S.
    St. George. Are you Shay's Whitney?


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