Following Your Heart is Stupid.

So, Don't Shave crushed Shave in yesterday's poll. (Which- is still open for another 40 minutes if you haven't voted.) But Landon is really taking into account the "Follow You Heart" votes, which, I don't even know why I put that on there...And his heart is telling him to shave.  I told him, he would be in huge trouble, and then he was all, "Ok, I won't shave it off, but you're all responsible if I don't get the job because I looked unprofessional."  And then I decided I didn't want that on my conscious or any of yours. So I told him to follow his heart.  Damn it, there I go again with that.

Anyways, his big interview is at 9:00 this morning.  So everyone, throw up some prayers, or good vibes, do a rain dance to the Job Interview Gods and cross all of your extremities that he nails this interview so that we can move on with our lives.

It's time to get out of Utah County. It just is.



    I expect that beard to be back by next week.

  2. a to the men with that one. freakin' utah county.

  3. Good luck nakey face!!!!!

    What does Rosie O'Goat think of all this, is what I really want to know.

  4. Where is this job at? What city would you be moving to?

  5. And lo, there was a great exodus from the Chosen Land; for another land had been chosen, and this one was old and smelly. And thus did Whitney lead her Landon out of that place saying, I don't know, I'm just following my heart, damn it.

  6. I hope everything went well today! Although if it moves you far away, I will be sad. Know that.


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