For my Brother

I had to come into work today at six.  Which means I have to get up at 4:30.  I thought it was going to be harder than it was to wake up that early, but it turns out I'm a morning person. I'm also a night person. So really, I'm everything besides a mid-day person. I tend to get really needy around that time and also require a nap most days.  And do I get one? No. I don't.  Which is why I'm not a mid-day person.

Glad we cleared that up. 

ANYWAYS. Today is a special day.  Because 25 years ago, my brother Brenden was born.  I mean, I wasn't around back then.  But, I imagine it was quite the awesome day.  My brother has been my best friend my whole life.  He taught me to look at the good in everything. (unless it's the government. ha!) He is always here to talk to me.  He would wait up for me every night in high school and talk to me about my day and my friends and my life til two in the morning while Walker Texas Ranger flickered on the tv.  He only ever gave a solid approval on one boy I dated.  And that was important to me.  And I ended up marrying that boy.  He's got a horse, a helicopter and one of the biggest hearts I know.
So here is to my broseph: the best one I've ever had.

Also, ladies, he's single!! wink wink. nudge nudge. he's gonna kill me.

Happy birthday Bear.  I love you!!

p.s. remember my dog doing the creep? Brenden is 100% responsible for teaching him that. Just thought I would throw that in there since I failed to mention it the other day.


  1. AYOOO, Brenden! Happy Birthday!!!

    "He's got a horse, a helicopter and one of the biggest hearts I know."

    Remember when you were feeding his horse and you snapchatted a picture of it? I was so confused as to where you confused.

  2. I know you're not talking to me because of the whole DAILY GRACE thing.....but anyway... HOLDUP


    Jk. or am I?


    1. She is totally not kidding.

    2. you're totally not kidding.

      is what I would say to you if I was talking to you.

  3. Ummm hello... I remember him being attractive back in our awkward junior high years, but hot damn he grew up nicely... A most happy birthday to him ;) (I'm willing to come celebrate with him if he desires... I mean, what? haha)

  4. What a nice looking young man ;-) I have to say things like that because I am so old.

    But a helicopter? I mean. He could fly Kelsey all around the world in that thing!

  5. He owns a helicopter??? Your brother is far more successful than my brother, who coincidentally turns 25 Tuesday.

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  7. Laughing so hard at "he taught me to look at the good in everything...unless its the government" hahaha. Him and my husband would get along great.


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