Fridays Mean Nothing to Me Anymore.

I'm working straight through the weekend. And there is no day off for me in the forseeable future.
And Landon is going down to St. George for his brother's wedding without me.

I'm all sorts of grumpy this morning.

you all have an awesome weekend for me, k?

scratch all of this.
I ended up getting the weekend and headed down to St. George to be with Landon and also to hang out with SHAAAAYYYY!!!


  1. Maybe we need to facetime this weekend then! haha


    That's gross. I will protest your injustice by not getting out of bed this weekend.

    (I probably wouldn't have anyway...BUT WHATEVER)

    But remember, working weekends= $$$$ #retailtherapy

  3. I'm all sorts of grumpy this morning too. Let's be grumpy together. Well, as "together" as humanly possible.

  4. I'm working straight the Pugh the weekend too. Here's to doubles all weekend long.

  5. Listen up. LISTEN. Are you listening? I just drooled jamba juice because my face is numb so I hope that that image cheers you up. I am sorry you have the grumps. But like Kelsey said, so much $$$$$!!!

  6. This was one of the worst Fridays ever. Totally get it.

    Except, I know that somehow you changed all that like magic. I just don't know yet how you performed your specific acts of magic.


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