I'm Not Lying This Time

sooooo, remember when I got fake bangs and tried to trick you into thinking they were real?  And I probably would have gotten away with it if Alissa hadn't blown my cover?

Well. This time? They're 100% real. Like my boobs. What?

Maybe I squealed a little as I watched a foot of hair fall into my lap.  And maybe I got really concerned before he was finished and I thought I had made the biggest mistake in my life.  And maybe, my heart dropped to the floor when Landon didn't adore them immediately.  But really, he did I was just over analyzing things.  And maybe I went to Target and bought a lot of head bands and some heat rollers and went home, curled my hair, touched my bangs and put on a new outfit for a night on the town.

and that is when I fell in love with the bangs.

Then we took Skyler out to Wing Nutz for dinner and to Farr's for ice cream because it was his birthday.  We are the best. I know.  And then I sat on his couch while he and Landon played a new video game. And I sat there enjoying my new bangs.  Because they are fun.  And I'm still in the stage where I don't hate them.  I think that comes about two days after you cut them.  So let's talk on Thursday.

I get today off because starting tomorrow I won't have a day off until it rains again.  True story.
So, I'm probably waking up to post this and going back to bed. Bangs and all.

bangs count in this post: 5


  1. Loving them, loving them, loving them.

    We made some serious hair moves last night and I couldn't be happier about them. What I'm not happy about is Landon's lack of facial hair. A little warning next time he's going to shave it all off.

    What would Jase and Willie and Si think of that?!

  2. I think they look awesome!
    When I cut my bangs SPencer didn't love them right away either.
    Boys are so weird...

  3. Love them! I get so irritated when the boy doesn't like my hair right away. Which is almost every time. But the bangs look so good on you!

  4. I can bring so nervous when I had my fringe cut in. It really suits you and I'm glad you are happy with it.

    1. That was meant to say "I can remember being...." :/

  5. You look fabulous. FABULOUS. I hope you don't end up hating them. I learned that I can't live without mine, much like how Landshark will learn he can't live without a handlebar mustache.

  6. Good luck for the enThursdaying - IT'S COMING.

  7. You were made for bangs. I am weeping inside that my bangs look nothing like that.

    James sort of hated my bangs at first. I get it.

  8. I love your bangs. They're spectacular, and you look very Zooey-like.

  9. oh my gosh. i thought the first time was REAL!! totally fell for that one. and they look fabulous. you rock those bangidy bangs.


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