not an april fools

so many things are on my mind.

and all I feel is:


this is an unofficial announcement of a blogging hiatus.
just need to figure some things out.
I promise I'll be back.


  1. :(

    Love you.

    You know I'm here if you need ANYTHING.

  2. :( sad face. Will miss you.

  3. just love ya. take it easy my friend, and bake way too many cookies to ease the pain. thats always my remedy :)

  4. Dear blog aunt to the human in my uterus,
    I wore my tall girl fuzzy socks last night and thought of you. I love your face. I hope everything is ok.

  5. Will miss you :(

    Just found this place - hope it won't get too cob-webby before you feel ready to return! We'll be waiting. <3

  6. Love you pretty lady! Figure that shit out. Or don't. Either way I will be thinking of you and sending some happy thoughts your way! xoxo.

  7. Oh my sweets, sending you a big hug. Write me when you can xoxo

  8. Good luck, lovely. Will be thinking of you.

  9. Uh, really? I come to visit and this is what I get? Get your sweetass back here and if you need me you know the drill. I love you!


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