Remember Prom?

So, our job got rained out (of course it did) on Saturday and I got the day off.  I remember when they told me, "And you won't have a day off again until it rains." and thinking I'm going to be working until I die. I didn't realize that would come to mean the day after tomorrow.  So what did I do with my Saturday?  Sleep in? Of course not.  I high tailed it up to the Rents' house to help my little sister get ready for her Senior Prom.  She. Looked. Gorgeous.  I did her nails and I'm going to take credit for 51% of her hair.

She made her date's boutonniere out of an old pocket watch and filled it with pearls to match her dress. Mariah has totally started a trend at her school for making the boutonnieres instead of buying them.  And her date, Tanner (they are secretly in love, even they don't know it yet) made her corsage.  He put a freaking bird in it.  And that is why they are perfect for each other.

I made a video for her.  I was very aware of how annoying I was while I was filming and editing everything, but- I'm so happy with how it turned out and am totally jealous I don't have a video like this from my Prom.

Go ahead and watch it if you feel like revisiting one of the most magical moments in high school.

I was so happy I got to spend the day with her and help her get ready.  I felt like it was a defining "Sister Moment" that we will be able to look back on.  It was totally worth not sleeping in for.  She is thee greatest sister I could ever ask for and I love her so so much.  And I am SO happy Tanner took her to the Prom.  I know without a doubt she couldn't have had a better time with anyone else.

They definitely win best couple.


  1. SHUT UP WITH THIS. This is the cutest. I want to cry and she isn't even my sister!! I wish someone had made a video like this for me before my prom!!

    Seriously though, your sister looked GORGEOUS and I hope she had the best time at prom! You're so sweet for following her around with the camera all day :)

  2. OMG SO PRECIOUS. I am struggling to contain myself at the ingenuous sweetness and adorable awkwardness of it all. That poor boy, when he walked through the front door! The uncertain terrified smile, oh gawds.

    You did an AMAZING job - I never had a prom, yay charter school, but you made it come alive for us here. The kid's shy excitement, all the anticipation -- the tender pride and love from the family. Just the best. You are a wonderful and talented sister.

  3. love that you made a video! that is so sweet, what a fantastic memory!

  4. I would totally redo prom. Everything is so stylish now. I would go and dance my baguettes off.

  5. Nice job on the video. Mariah is beautiful!!! I love her guts, and yours! Love you both and your madre is so cute in this video. So I love all three of you really! Oh and I wanted to tell you that you look stunning as well, you are totally pulling off those bangs!you're beautiful! Haven't seen you in forever, miss you!

  6. mariah's reaction when they pulled up was so sweet. she looked beautiful. and mccall's right, the bangs look rad.

    and that song i showed you was in there! yay,

  7. If I could have a big sister, I would want her to be just like you.

    Also, the number of cameras that I saw in that video was impressive. Your family sure has a way of documenting those magic moments.

    Also, Ammon loves your soundtrack. He was in the other room, and came in to tell me how good it was.


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