Retail Therapy

So, I've never been much into retail therapy.  I self medicate usually through music, watching cry-your-eyes-out movies or really long naps.  But since I've been married to Landon, the idea of buying my happiness has become more and more real. (he's a spender.) I still don't like to spend money that much (I know, how dare I call myself a girl) but this weekend, I made up for my frugality and really just let loose.

It all started with my fingernails.  I'm sure you all remember when I used to get Gel Nails twice a month.  And how much I loved them.  I loved how they treated me when I went into the spa, I loved pretending like I was in the popular girl's crowd.  But then I realized I was spending $80 a month on them.  And it really hit me in the gut when I realized if I kept it up it would be $960 a year. for FINGERNAILS.  I had to stop. Because as I mentioned above, I don't like to spend money.  So, I was buying some eye liner at Sally's a couple weeks ago when I saw a kit to do the gel nails yourself.  And the curing light and everything.  It was going to cost me around $130 so I walked away, but it stayed on my mind for the next couple weeks.  Well, I caved on Friday and bought it.  And I LOVE it.
I'll never go back to that spa again.  Well, at least not for nails. They do have a cute boutique...  But I was so stoked when the stuff I bought worked so well.  And then that feeling made me want to buy more.  So while Landon and Skyler were at the Priesthood sesh of conference, I went back to the mall* to get a head band to match my new manicure.  And I got one.  and a new scarf. and a new shirt. and two pairs of leggings. and a new swimming suit. and another headband.  In two days, I managed to spend nearly an entire week's paycheck worth of money on myself.  I got home and put all my bags on the bed and was just stood there a little shocked.  And experienced a pang of buyer's remorse.  And then got over it.
The moral of this story is that sometimes, if you are sad?  It's ok to splurge on yourself to make yourself feel better.  But then make sure you put on all your new stuff and pull yourself together.

*DO NOT go to the Orem University Mall on Girl's Night.  Unless you have like, a riot shield and baton.  Because seriously, that place was ridiculous.


  1. Love the nails! I'm so glad you did that...who needs that spa anyway? ;)

    You know I love a good scarf. We need to live closer so we can borrow each other's...

    I need to "retail shop" on Craigslist and find a semi decent recliner!

  2. Wait, they sell those kits?! And they work?! I need to find an excuse to buy this for myself.

  3. the problem with me and those kits is that my left hand always looks drastically nicer than my right hand. maybe you should just come over and do them for me. okay.

  4. Dear Miss, I spent 250 dollars in two days.. where did you get the scarf headband, and better yet.. why didn't you buy me one while you were at it? HUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  5. Glad you're back <3 I love the headband! (buyer's remorse - what's that? ;P) xxx

  6. I love that you found a gel nail kit and can pamper yourself at home. Also, that headband is great. So is the scarf. I can justify every single purchase you made. And in my world, that doesn't make this a splurge fest, it makes it necessarry.

    We need to hang out in real life once the Mountain passes clear for the year. Just be ready for me around mid-May, okay?

  7. I hate to spend money too, big time saver. And for some reason, I always feel guilty for spending money on myself. I used to not be that way, but I always think about things I might need the money for later.
    I totally agree with you here, I love what you said about using retail therapy when you're sad and then wearing those things to pull yourself together. I need to keep that in mind - heck we always live once, we deserve that happiness!

  8. I'm coming over for gel manis!!! I am glad you spoiled yourself a bit, although I agree it is hard not to feel guilty.

    But I want that headband.

  9. That is awesome! I would do my nails all the time if I had something like that.

    I had a bad day Saturday and retail therapyed. It made life so much brighter.


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