You guys.  The hiatus is over.  I'm not going to lie, that week away was very much needed.  I will probably be pretty vague about the reason behind my absence for the next little while.  Not because I don't want you guys to know what is going on, but just because I am not ready for the entire internet to have the details of my heart at their finger tips.

But I do need to take a second here for a second and tell you all how very thankful I am for you.

When I found myself in a familiar despair, instead of dealing with it by myself (like I have in the past) I was overwhelmed with the love and support that was in my inbox, text messages, phone calls, tweets and even snap chats.  Spur of the moment BBQs and Bachelorette parties brought my spirits up too.  When I was caught in the "all hope is lost" mindset,  you all really stepped up to the plate and caught me mid fall.

Friends like you are few and far between.  And I know the only reason I have a lot of you is because of our blogs.  It terrifies me how close I came to not meeting you.  And even more so after this week.  Because I do not know what I would have done with out you.  I needed you, and I still need you and I can promise you, I probably always will.

I think every single blogger started their little blog for one reason or another, but I guarantee the reason we have kept them is a different one.  I started mine as a little document for my new life with Landon.  And was so surprised to find such deep and meaningful friendships.

While my heart is still broken, I feel like I can head into everything with a new and brighter outlook.  It's time to move forward.  I have been rejuvenated this week; physically, emotionally and spiritually.
And while this change is still terrifying, I know I will be ok because of the support I have behind me.
Really and truly, I will never be able to say thank you enough.

My cup runneth over.

I love you all so much.
And I hope you know that I will always be there for you if you ever should need me.

even if it's just a romantic snapchat conversation. :)

and now, to lighten the mood, I leave you with a grainy cell phone video of Shadow chasing his tail:


  1. Romantic tail chasing!

    I'm glad you're doing better - I love you, and I'm here if you need anything!

  2. Yay for being back! I didn't know what to do without my wonderful Whitneyness every morning.

  3. Glad you are back! I am always here for you! Love you and that dang Sully

  4. *hope floats.

    I think we're movie quoting soul mates.

    Also, I'm glad you're back. I am glad I know your heart a bit, and the reason behind the hiatus. Just for the record.

  5. So, so, glad you're back.

    Also, SO glad I got to see the birthday Snap you sent me via Alissa. I may have screamed "I LOVE HER!!!" and by "may have" I mean I totally did.

  6. My girl! I missed the news about the hiatus, but I hate to hear that something is up in your life. You better be letting me know if there is ANYTHING and I mean it, that I can do for you to help you feel better!! I love ya sister! XOXO

  7. I hope everything is okay. I am sending good vibes your way!

  8. nice blog ;)

  9. Ahahahaaaaaaaaa, I've never seen a dog actually CATCH their tail before! Apparently that's not the end of the game, either...(s?)he just kept goin' and goin', super cute! :D

    Glad you're back - don't need all the details, but you know we're all here if or when you want to talk about it.

    And until then, puppies!!! :3

  10. The blogging community really is the best. It's amazing how you can go on a blog hiatus and still have blogging friends constantly checking up on you. Good stuff.

    Hope things continue to get better for you, and if you need another little break, we will still be here when you get back!

  11. I hate being on a boat sometimes. I feel like I've missed so much. I am glad your hiatus is over though.

  12. Confession: I had no idea you took a hiatus because I read pretty much zero blogs last week. I am so sorry. But I love you so much and glad you are doing better! And I'm also so glad we're friends.

  13. I'm glad things are starting to look up. And thanks for the nice words yesterday. I think both of us totally need each other right now. Maybe we should google chat soon. You're the best. Really.


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