In Which I Fell.

Day 31, Friday: A vivid memory

I don't have any memories before this link up.  psych. I do.  I'm glad this ship is sailing though.  Blogging 31 days in a row was rough going.  Don't be surprised if I take like, a week off.

So, a vivid memory, huh? I have lots.  I have been blessed with a great memory.  Just ask Landon.  I remember all the important conversations that he forgets.  I'm not going to kick it back so old school though.  This is a fairly recent memory, only about 41/2 years ago.  It was just a couple months after I had moved out of my parent's house and into my apartment with my four best hooligans.  I believe I've shown you this photo of my first room recently:

notice there at the bottom the cinder blocks my bend is standing on.  Everyone else had their cinder blocks on laying on their side.  But mine was stacked high like that.  I literally needed to get a running start to be able to jump up on my bed.  Anyway.  One day, my roommate and I were just chilling in our room, her side of the room was green and purple and frog themed.  She had key chains and pictures decorating the walls.  She was legit.  She had also lived there longer than me, so she was very settled it.  I was laying on my bed texting someone on my flip phone when I started to balance it on my finger.  And I was all, "Ness, look at how good I'm balancing my phone!" and I think she she through a pillow at me or something that knocked my phone off my hand and made it fall down the crack in between the wall and my bed.

This was where being a stupid 18 year old, I should have just thought things through a little instead of being lazy.  I reached my arm down the crack as far as I could.  I was only a couple inches out of reach by the time I had gotten my arm all the way down there.  I should have just hopped off my bed and crawled underneath.  It would have taken two seconds.  But no, I went the hard way.  In a last stitch effort to reach the phone, I gave my shoulder one last push and that was too much.  The cinder blocks tipped causing me to fall behind my bed and have it come crashing down on top of me.  It made a HUGE crash and I think it even broke a mirror in the fall. I landed on my arm and also on top of a cinder block and knocked the wind out of myself.  All my roommates came running to see what had happened.  All the could see was my bed in a big pile, broken glass and crap every where, but I was no where to be seen.  Now at this point, I couldn't breathe, but also, I was laughing so hard that I wasn't making any noise anyways.  My roommates thought I was dead. I tried to raise my arm up to give the, "I'm ok." signal, but I was so buried, it was to no avail.  I just lay there in the rubble fearing that I might not make it due to lack of oxygen.

They got me unburied and I finally could get air in my lungs again, but still we were laughing so hard we were basically useless.  I put my bed back up on the cinder blocks after that but I just made sure if something fell down there, not to try and get it from on top of the bed.

annnnd curtains to this whole link up.  it's been real. and it's been fun. but it hasn't been real fun.
jk. it has.
sort of.


  1. Oh how I wish, how I wish I was there to see that. It'd be like the dingleberry...I would totally help you out, after I changed my pants because I peed from laughing so hard.

  2. Thank you for making me laugh this morning. I totally needed that.


    I almost peed reading this. I cannot imagine how I would have reacted if I walked in and saw you in shambles after being EATEN by your bed.

    This made my WHOLE ENTIRE DAY

  4. I totally remember that! So. Funny. I think you were kind of laughing that weird laugh of yours that sounds like you are crying...which made it worse when coupled with your unresponsiveness. Pretty sure I did pee my pants. Too funny, thanks for the memory.

  5. Well shit, this is violent. I'm surprised you ever got on a bed again.

  6. Stop! Hahaha!! I have that horrible gene where I laugh when people get hurt...I can't help it, it's genetic. I'm pretty sure if I was there I would have peed on myself.

  7. oh man... that's amazing. Something I would do. Congratulations on giving your roommates a good laugh and heart attack, all in one!

  8. I love how everyone stopped blogging after may 31st...and I'm out...hahaha! PS that is a bright ass comforter!


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