In Which I Get Happy Again.

Day 14, Tuesday: Ten things that make you really happy

Finally, an easy, light spirited post.
In first place, without even a hesitation: 
my soul mate, Landon.  The sole person who turned my universe upside down and had me convinced at the door that I could not live life without him.  And who every day brings a smile to my face by nuzzling my face, tickling my back, and buys me presents just because.

And to follow up I'll take you through 2-10:

[2] Blog Friends: you guys are what gets me through my day.  With all your posts and texts and tweets.  You keeping me laughing every second.
[3] Real life friends: My rock. And the main reason I haven't totally lost my mind.  But also maybe a tiny reason I've lost it a little.
[4] My big brother and little sister: The only two who have been through what I've been through.  The only ones who can take me by the hand and sincerely say, "I know how you feel." 
[5] My crazy animals: probably the only living things on this earth that will love me unconditionally and be completely blind to my faults and insecurities and obnoxiousness.
[6] Snowboarding: the reason I don't have winter anymore.
[7] SCUBA diving: the only situation where I adore fish.
[8] Dirt biking: the reason Landon ever even started to like me.
[9] Traveling: Opening my eyes to this beautiful rock we all share.  
[10] Music: An escape and a release when life has become too much. Whether I am listening to it or playing it, my spirit is cleansed and my mind is cleared.

My life is happy.


  1. Your life is happy - I love how you put this together. All these things...these are all great.

    #2 would be better if I wasn't Photoshopped in, but that's okay. We will all get a real picture together soon enough.

  2. Love this! Pretty sure I wouldn't hate winter quite as much if I had mountains and knew how to snowboard or ski or something equally awesome. Too bad I have no mountains and absolutely no clue how to ski or snowboard. Life is rough.

  3. Wonderful list...I love photo 5, it put such a smile on my face, it looks like he is properly smiling for the camera, so sweet.

  4. This is all really, truly happy. And you even have pictures. You win.

  5. Love this list! Just looking at the pics made me smile.

  6. This pictural list is the bomb diggity. Seriously.

    And I just noticed how neatly you've titled all the days over there in the archives. I'm in awe.

  7. That is one heck of a full, happy life!


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