In Which I Give You My Favorite Photos

Day 17, Friday: A favorite photo of yourself and why

Guess what. I've been awake for 24 hours now.  Probably 26 by the time I post this.  I'm delirious. And I've been sort of live tweeting since midnight. I don't even know what's going on.  So keep that in mind as I show you my favorite photo(s) of myself.  I'm giving you two. because rules are dumb.
first photo: My face after a good long dirt bike ride down in St. George.  Red dirt, clearly.

ridin' dirty. The only way I know how. giggity.

And photo numero dos is just a favorite because it is hilarious.  And completely candid. As in, I don't think we weren't even looking at each other we were talking and our other roommate snapped this shot.  If I am ever sad or lonely, I take out this picture, it makes me giggle every time.


ok, breaking rules again.  Because I found this gif three hours ago and completely lost it.  I'm totally punchy right now and in this moment, this is my favorite (moving) picture ever:

 photo funny-gif-disabled-dog-hands_zps859c1a30.gif

I cannot handle this right now.


  1. Stoooop with the dog. Stop. I'm dying in my office.

    Also, I've never been around red dirt...I don't think.

    And I love your hat and scarf in that picture.

  2. These are amazing. I just got done with my workout for the day, and seeing these just makes me feel like you gave me a big ole high five.


    That dog gif. I'm sorry but I can't comment on any other part of this because I am laughing too hard at it. BEST.

  4. Good ole red dirt! That's what we have here in Oklahoma!
    That photo of you and your roomie is hilarious!

  5. That dog is almost as good as the "lesbihonest."

    Ok, maybe even better.

    It's all too good to choose.

  6. lol I just watched the dog like 10 times. And I laughed every. time.

  7. That dog is killing me, it's the jazz hands at the end, brilliant.
    Great pictures too.

  8. That just...a little terrifying but I can't help but laugh.

    You are so pretty, even all dirtified!

  9. oh my gosh. that little dog!!! that just made me laugh so hard. thanks for sharing :)

  10. oh oh whitney.

    i am so tired i don't want to blog, but that dog made me smile.

  11. I'm quite smitten with your dirt mustache :)


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