In Which I Make Myself Uncomfortable.

Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable

I just...I don't even know how to go about this.  I think I'm just going to list of things that I don't like.

Here we go...

1. Confrontation, confrontation, confrontation.
2. The word "pubic"
3. When I can't understand someone because they mumble or have a really thick accent and I have to keep saying, "Sorry, what was that?" Over and over.
4. When someone has something on their face, but you're not to that level of friendship where you can say something about with without seeming like a douche.  So you just try to pretend it's not there, but you can't stop staring at it.
5. Arguments on any form of social media.
6. People who stand too close when they talk to you.
7. Not having a tamp in my purse.
8. Police Officers.
9. High heels.
10. People who discipline their children at the grocery store.
11. Confrontation.
12. When people eat food off my plate.
13. Wardrobe malfunctions.
14. When your teacher calls on you for an answer and you weren't even listening a little.
15. When men and babies cry.
16. Babies in general.
17. When I can't get my bracelets off.
18.  Confrontation.
19. When old people fall on America's Funniest Home Video
20. When you're in the middle of a heated argument and suddenly you realize you're wrong.

There.  That's a pretty solid list of things that make me uncomfortable.
I need to go calm down now.


  1. Numbers 1,11 and 18 were on my list too ;)
    I agree with number 4 as well,, but 16 definitely not, babies make me feel more comfortable than most people do!

  2. What are your feelings on confrontation?

    I had the SAME bracelet dilemma the other night after work. The sucker DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE. I had to physically take a break and let myself calm down and go back and try again when I wasn't fuming mad.

  3. PUBIC. I'm laughing.

    Remember when you had something on your face at work the other day and nobody told you? Remember when your co-worker had something in his beard and you didn't tell him?

    Not having a tamp in your purse should be a crime.

  4. #20 is the freakin worst. like do you just stand your stubborn ground and continue to back up your point or do you back down and admit defeat?

  5. I want to confront you about the word pubic while people at the grocery store are disciplining their kids, okay? Okay.

  6. My favorite? #12

    The other day I told my friend I was going to have a bite of her danish. That bite was half the danish. That's kinda like #12.

    Oh Whit, you are funny funny funny.

  7. "Pubic" is even worse than "puberty" for me. It's just all too much. They make me sweat.

    All of this is my life.

  8. bahahahahaha. So funny!
    Pubic is almost as bad as panties...on second thought maybe they're on the same level. I crack myself up. haha
    I get the feeling you don't like confrontation. lol

  9. 1...5...11...18.

    Also, the word "Puberty" is a subphenomenon of's icky and about young kids, too molesty by far.

  10. OHMYGOSHWHITNEY. i once gave a powerpoint presentation in class and i thought i spelled "public" but didn't realize it read "PUBIC" until i was STANDING IN FRONT OF THE CLASS GIVING MY PRESENTATION. I UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This list is amazing and I feel like I could copy-and-paste it for myself! AHHHHH haha.

    Although I think #2 takes the cake! GROSS


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