In Which I Might Like Babies...And My Sister.

Day 18, Saturday: Tell a story from your childhood. Dig deep and try to be descriptive about what you remember and how you felt.
Ok, so by now I think you all have figured out how much babies terrify me, right?  And it's nothing personal to any of you mommies out there. It's more of I'M terrified to have babies.  But here is a story from my childhood that may suggest otherwise about my feelings for them.  And also about my sister.  Because when she was born, I wasn't very happy about it.
Mariah was born in June 1995  Here is a photo of us around that time:
My cousin Britt is hold her because I didn't like to.  But one afternoon, my little blonde neighbor came over and wanted to see Mariah.  Again, this bothered me that she wasn't there to see me.  I mean, we were friends first, right?  I was the one with the giant Barbie house and pink Barbie convertible.  All Mariah did was stare at you.  But I took her to see my sister.  I picked her up to hand to blondie and to my motherly instinct's dismay, SHE GRABBED HER BY THE HEAD AND NOT HER BODY!! So for like .5 of a second, my brand new little sister was being held like a toy, and I legitimately feared her head was going to pop off.  I grabbed her back and yelled, "THAT'S NOT HOW YOU'RE 'POSSED TO HOLD HER!" and sent her on her way.  I was a little shook up, and went into the living room where my mom and her friend were talking.  I was about to hand Mariah off to my mom because I didn't want anyone thinking I liked her when my mom's friend says something to the effect of, "I have always wanted a little girl of my own, I think I'm just going to take Mariah to live with me."  

and that was more than I could take at that moment and I started bawling.  My friend almost tore her head off and right after I saved her, she was going to be kidnapped?? I was just a five year old kid, not a super hero.  And then it made my mom cry because it was "cute" or something that I was so upset.  And then her friend started to cry.  Ironically, the new born in the room was the only one not crying.  And who knows because her vocal chords were probably ripped in half when I let blondie get her hands on her.  They let me cry for about 15-20 seconds before they explained to me that my mom's friend wouldn't take her, she'd just come visit more.  I was still pissed.  But I could live with that.  I gave Mariah to my mom, because I was done being the parent for that day.

and there you go. About 17 years later, Mariah became my best friend.  


  1. I love that! My daughter is five and swears she does not ever want to have a baby. Who knows ...


  2. This story is too sweet. I have always loved babies, in my school books from when is as was 4/5 I describe my brother as "my baby."

  3. bahahahaha. I love this story! I cannot believe your friend picked her up by her head!!

  4. This is a good story. I stepped on my brother when he was 10 days old. I was obviously unhappy about having a brother.


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