In Which I Play My Favorite Tunes

Day 29, Wednesday: Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories. Use Grooveshark or YouTube to include them in the post

1. The Rain Song: brought to you by the first guy I ever loved.  This song takes me back to a time of innocence and real, true, tragic heart break. And it makes me appreciate the love I have today.

2. American Pie: a song that my family only knows the chorus to.  And we sing it over and over.  I on the other hand do know all the lyrics and should it play on my iPod or the radio, I stop what I'm doing to sing every word with Don McLean.

3. Africa: the one song that has a legitimate excuse to have maracas and doesn't.  Another song that requires your full attention through the entire thing.

4. All About Us: Mine and Landon's wedding song. Still plays like a fairy tale through my ear phones.

5.  Gone Gone Gone: I just love this song.  Too early for it to spark memories. Give it time, though.


  1. Africa by Toto? Whitney, you kill me. I will always think of you whenever I hear this song from now on. Can we have an American Pie sing-a-long in October? YES, yes we can.

  2. Gone Gone Gone is one of my favorite new songs too. I fill with joy when I hear it. And both Africa and American Pie are too fun/enjoyable for words.

  3. You wedding song? I die. I'd never heard it before!

    And Gone, Gone, Gone is currently a favorite to sing at the top of my lungs to the baby in the car. I'm not sure if he gets much amusement from it though...

  4. Is it weird that your wedding song makes ME want to cry? Hope not. SO CUTE.

  5. I'm listening to your wedding song... Oh I'm loving it. "we're doin this right.." It sounds a bit like Paramore and Avril Lavigne, no? Yes.

    Oh it's a duet... it no longer sounds like a avril or paramore.

    but I like it, it's interesting.

    1. also I have american pie on my playlist. It's so long it's crazy. but i got it for a friend who loves it and was spending a shit-ton of time with me in the car.

  6. This is such a fun list! I hadn't heard your wedding song on Gone Gone Gone before, but I am loving them both, Gone Gone Gone just made me smile, I'm going to and find a copy of it now.

  7. This is amazingly eclectic and unexpected! And your wedding gosh it is wonderful.

  8. Africa. So wonderful. James has been listening to a lot of Toto recently.

    Oooo Phillip Phillips? I'll like this song for sure.


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