In Which I Will Visit This Topic Again, But Here is a Little Something

Day 27, Monday: A letter to your readers

Dear Readers,
This is all for you.
It always has been.
I love you all so dearly.
for how you listen.
I found myself lost in words
and you finished my sentence.
When I couldn't accept myself,
I found myself in your acceptance.
This is all for you.
It always has been.
remember when I turned this prompt into a super cheesy spur of the moment lyric? that was fun. 
I think I'll return to this prompt again when this whole link up is over. becaaaaauuse it's Memorial Day and I'm about to go golfing.  And I really do want to express my undying love for you all.  So go have fun today, and we'll talk about this later.


  1. we'll talk about this later, but not how golf went.. deal?

  2. hahahaha. I was listening to the I Heart Radio "90's" station today. All Because of You was definitely played. Love the tie-in to this. Love the feelings in this, because I know that despite making it cheesy on purpose, you mean it.

  3. I liked how the "and you finished my sentence" part was on a different line. For whatever reason I felt it very appropriate.


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