In Which I'll Never Judge

Day 22, Wednesday: Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel. (a pet peeve, a current event, a controversial topic, something your husband or roommate or neighbor or boss does that really ticks you off)

I am SO not in the mood to rant right now.  I've gotten 12 hours of sleep in the past two nights days and  I just- I don't even know what I want to yell at you guys about.  Or maybe I do.  And I've been letting it build for weeks. Maybe years.  But because I hate confrontation, you'll never hear me talk about it unless you're Landon.

I think I can pretty much just hit it from this angle. I HATE JUDGEY PEOPLE.
Ok? I'll refine it.  People who judge others by their clothes, their hair, their accent, the religion, their sexual orientation, their race, by their favorite restaurant, their opinion on politics, their standing in the BYU/Utah rivalry.  All of it.  Nothing makes my skin crawl more than anyone who will let cruel words leave their lips just because they don't like something about someone that MOST OF THE TIME they don't even know!  And I'm guilty of it.  I've done it, and I still do it, but I hate myself a little more when I realize I do.  And it is something I'm working on to keep out of my life.
I dated this guy a while back and we were at the store, and we were with his friends, and he would make a rude remark about nearly every person who walked past us just to get a laugh out of his friends.  I remember I was sick to my STOMACH over it.  They couldn't hear him, he wasn't saying anything to their faces to hurt their feelings or anything, but I remember thinking, WHY DO YOU CARE?!

I'm not saying you have to go around and be everyone's friend and there will be flowers and rainbows and the animals will sing show tunes, no.  But if you don't like the way someone does something, or what someone believes, then just don't look at it. Don't talk to them.  But don't go around dogging their faith or their trends because you have a problem with it.  Just let it go.  It will only make you look like the ugly person and even if you don't think so, it weighs on your heart.
I will ALWAYS be nice to someone who is nice to me.  I will ALWAYS respect someone's way of life if they respect mine.  I will ALWAYS be there for a person if they are there for me.  It's not hard for me that way.  What I do have a hard time with is watching someone saying something unkind for no reason at all.

there. I said it.


  1. I judged Justin's shoes. I still do. But really, I am so judgey and it is a problem. Mostly just about what people wear to work. Mostly because this involves sheer skirts and backless shirts and 6 inch platform heels.

    1. Ya, I know what you mean about Justin's shoes. Nobody should ever.... just saying I here ya on that one!!!

  2. Amen to that! I like that you admit that you fall prey to the same behavior- that simply makes you human. It's so easy to fall into a judging state of mind. Far harder to look for what you like in each person you see, but it's worth trying.

  3. This. This is why we all love you so much. You're a good person, Whit. That's never going to change.

  4. My family members are so judgemental and pick every person who walks by apart.

    I hate it.

  5. Amen darlin! I'll admit I've caught myself being ugly or judgey to someone and I'm like wait wait wait let's not be like that!

  6. I love this post, if I was still participating in this challenge my rant would have been pretty similar.

  7. completely agreed <3 great post! I know I do this sometimes too, but I do sincerely try not to.

  8. a-freakin-men. I think thoughts can be human nature to an extent, at least they are for me, but I really try not to. Beyond it not being nice AT ALL, you also don't know a thing about a person and what they are going through or how their day is or how their year is. It's not our place at all.

  9. Fact: I have never loved or respected you more than I do as I read this. You are fantastic.


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