Day 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill.

I have been pondering this one for the last few days.  Because I've mentioned before, it's pretty hard for me to get really, legitimately embarrassed.  But I think I finally thought of something.  It was a few years ago, probably 2009 I'm thinking'... 

wait- back story.  the year and a half before I moved out, I worked in a place where country music was not to be played under any circumstances.  So, even though I had loved country my whole life, I went through about a two year dry spell when it came to that genre.

Ok, back to 2009, my roommate was cooking some sort of delicious treat in the kitchen and listening to KBULL 93 on the radio (a popular country station here) while I was laying on the carpet doing homework.  I was caught in between Facebook and math while Gary Allen's "Watching Airplanes" was on the radio. When it ended and I heard in the background, "Be caller 13 now for you chance to win back stage passes and front row tickets to Keith Urban."  I needed a little break from my work/social networking so I thought, meh, why not? I grabbed my cell phone, called the station and what do you know? I was caller #13.  I started to panic a little as they asked me my name and then told me all I had to do was identify which jumbled up Keith Urban song they played for me and the tickets were all mine.  At that point I was really freaking out because I hadn't listened to Keith Urban or ANY country music in TWO YEARS.  The riff began and ended much too quickly and they said, "Alright Whitney, all you have to do is name that Keith Urban song and you're going to meet him backstage!"  

My mind went completely blank.  I stared at my roommate BEGGING her with me eyes for help, but she hadn't heard the bit, she had no idea what was going on.  And I sputtered the first thing that came to my mind, "Uhhh, 'Watching Airplanes?'"  

Silence on the air...."That's not even Keith Urban....That's Gary Allen..... You weren't even a little bit close...."  Their disappointment and shock was so apparent I felt as though they were sitting across the room and just staring at me with their jaw dropped.  And I was humiliated as they hung up on me without even saying bye.  AND THEN it was even worse when it aired 30 seconds later.  And replayed throughout the day. And the week.  I realize I shouldn't be as embarrassed as I am, since no one actually saw me in real life make a fool of myself and all they had to go off of it was my first name. But still, I died a little that day.

Oh, and the song was "You Look Good in my Shirt."

I could have met Keith Urban too....



    This is awful(ly hilarious) OH MY GOD

    I am so sorry this happened to you. As hilarious as it must have been, what a BUMMER. I bet you will never forget that song now!!

    Brb, gonna go laugh about this for ten hours.

    1. ^^ I will see her later. I'll let you know if she's still laughing about this.

  2. So. I think from now on, I'm just going to say to you, "Remember that time you didn't get to meet Keith Urban?"

    I wonder if those DJs still talk about the girl who named a Gary Allen song...

    Unlucky #13!

  3. Girl!!!!! That sucks. Keith Urban is the reason I love country music. That is embarrassing. And I feel bad for ya.

  4. Ugh that's just sad. How heartbreaking!

  5. I am the worst with songs on the spot. I get a super brain fart and I just have this blank stare on my face. Maybe its because we share the same birthdays, Gary Allen.

  6. I definitely went to that concert. Only I had to pay for my tickets. And I didn't get to meet Keith either...

  7. Pahahahahahahahaha that is so something I would do.

  8. My brain shuts down the second I'm put on the spot. I can't even tell you my own name. This story is HILARIOUS. And I can't believe they kept replaying it. JERKS.

  9. I feel like your follow-up tweet to Dusty's tweet one-ups this. I'm still giggling.

  10. Ohh, oww. This pains me just a little. You poor thing. It is for reasons like this that I write. When it comes to being put on the spot, words will escape me every time, yet my thoughts can spell out nearly anything. Go figure.

  11. Meh... I'd say not knowing how Hansen or Bette Middler was is way more embarrassing.

    just saying.

    I love you.


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