Rueben in a Blanket

You guys.  I'm a genius.  No, I really am!  I made up a completely (somewhat) original recipe last night.  I call it, Rueben in a Blanket:

I was perusing through Pinterest trying to find easy recipes for dinner I saw something that was "pigs in a blanket-esque" and I was like, "meh, those were fun when I was five, but vienna sausages just aren't my thing."  And then I got thinking about what would be my thing.  Fun fact: I love Ruebens.  But not the typical ones.  The cheap knock offs.  I used to work at this little sandwich shop in high school and their Ruebens consisted of white bread, corned beef, swiss cheese, pickles, sauerkraut, mayo and mustard.  So almost like a Rueben, but you're missing the classic Rye bread and the famous thousand island dressing crap.  I prefer it sans those two things.  So, I'm like, a Rueben in a blanket sounds amazing.  But then at the store, I couldn't find corned beef in the lunch meat section so I just bought regular beef. So now I was at the point where the only Rueben thing about all this was the swiss cheese and sauerkraut.  I'm over here like, "this could be really great or a huge failure."  Well friends,  they turned out better than imagined.  I made a little mayo/mustard dip thing that we dipped them in and can I just say, it was exquisite?  It took all my will power to put a few away for our lunches tomorrow instead of eating the whole pan in one sitting.

If you could see me right now, I'm still just beaming with pride.
So here is the world's easiest recipe should you feel a hankering for a Rueben in a Blanket:

those croissant things
any meat resembling corned beef, roast beef, beef or pastrami.  I imagine all those would work.
swiss cheese

preheat the oven to 350 or something.  whatever it says on the croissant package.
split out the croissant dough into its little triangles
put a square of swiss cheese at the base of each croissant
     **the regular square they come in are far too big.  I cut mine into fourths cause that seemed like the right thing to do.  In life, in general.
then put a folded piece of your choice of meat on top of the cheese
then, in a separate bowl get a good amount of sauerkraut and press it down with a fork really hard so it makes the juice drain out.  and then put a dollop of sauerkraut (that just sounds gross) on each croissant.
now you're ready to roll 'em up and throw them in the oven for 12-15 minutes.
while waiting, just mix a little mayo and mustard together, not a lot, just what you would put on the sandwich if you weren't putting it in the oven.

once they are done cooking, let 'em cool and dip 'em in the mayo/mustard combo and die and go to heaven.

how easy is that?
are you impressed I thought of that all by myself?

whatever, it's friday.

Whatever Wednesday: First Kiss

I feel as though I have told you guys about my first kiss at some point in this blog...? But I guess we can revisit the topic.  It was sometime toward the end of April in 2006 on the evening of my Junior Prom.  I had been voted into the Prom royalty and was wearing a lime green dress with intricate beading that my neighbor had lent to me.  It was gorgeous, by far the prettiest dress I had ever worn to a high school dance.  My hair was held on top of my head with a thousand bobby pins and a crown.  I was asked by the boy I adored at the time, and I couldn't wait for the dance.  I was sure I was going to get my first kiss that night.  I had been talking about it with my girl friends all month.  The situation was too perfect not to.

I don't remember a lot of the details of the night.  A lot of dancing, a lot of goofing off with our friends but I remember the car ride home.  There was a few different couples crammed into the little car, and each one we dropped off, we obnoxiously turned off the headlights to the car in case there was going to be some kissing on the doorstep.  We didn't want them to feel like they were on a stage.  And then the guy would come back to the car and we'd all be like, "DIDJA KISS HER?!" And the answer was no each time.  But when we pulled up to my house, things were finally about to get interesting.  He opened my door, took my hand so he could help me if I were to get tangled up in my dress, and walked me to my door under the starlit night.  Out went the headlights, and we awkwardly stood there saying how much fun we had, and thanks for taking me and thanks for being my date and I started to realize this kid was too nervous to kiss me.  But there was no way I was going to end my night of being a princess without getting my first kiss.  So I kissed him.  It was quick.  Definitely the fastest kiss I've ever had.  But, it was a kiss and that was all I wanted.  I said goodnight and went inside immediately.  I could almost hear the cheers from the car when they asked if he kissed me.  Even though he didn't. I kissed him.  But whatevs.  My night was perfect.  I went upstairs, took my dress and crown off, and crawled into bed smiling.

It wasn't three weeks later that he and I had a falling out and basically never spoke again.  But I don't hold him in disdain.  He was part of one of the best first kisses of all time.  And I will always owe him that.

and there you have it.  Head over to Alissa or Shay's if you want to join in on Whatever Wednesdays!

2 Freaking Years Together

In case you didn't get enough of it over Facebook, instagram and snap chat, I'm recapping you here about mine and Landon's two year anniversary.  Because yes, over all, this blog is a document of our lives and I need to have this written down somewhere.

Last year, we were both working for Garco, and there was a lot of work to be done and our first anniversary was- not really over-looked- but it wasn't celebrated in a way we deemed worthy for a first anniversary.  So we made up for it this year.  Maybe a little too much, but whatevs.  We don't have kids or responsibility, so let the party continue, right?  As I mentioned before, we got the beach cruisers, and those are going to be ridiculous this summer.  I can't even handle it.  We have bike paths in every direction around our home, so we have a lot of exploring to do.  But, since we got those like, a week and a half ago, we both decided we needed to get something for our actual anniversary.  Which didn't even happen again, because we are too impatient.  I got Landon some yellow Puma golf swag and he hooked me up with the best way to support my NFL team ever.  Jewelry.

the blue and orange charms and the little bear and the football?  The Chicago Bears would be proud.

We only had the weekend, so we didn't have the time or money to go too far from home, but we wanted to get away for a couple days.  We found a deal on groupon for a room at Brian Head Ski Resort down in Southern Utah.  Even without the snow, it was gorgeous and we managed to have a lot of fun.

Saturday night, after we had checked in we took a drive all around to check out the scenery and all the massive houses tucked away in the woods.  We eventually found ourselves right on top of Brian Head Peak 11,307 feet above sea level over looked the mountain ranges or Southern Utah, Nevada and Arizona.

We drove around til the sun had set and we headed back to the resort where we took part in one of the best steak dinners I have ever had in my life.

Then, I don't know if you guys knew, but Saturday night/Sunday morning was 2013's "Super Moon."  Which is the closest the moon will be to the earth for the entire year.  It was the brightest at 5:32 am Sunday morning, so of course I had to see this.  I didn't want to walk outside at 10:00 at night though, I wanted to see it at it's brightest without street lamps competing with it.  So I drug poor Landon out of bed at 4:44 am and made him drive me all the way back up Brian Head Peak so I could see the Super Moon.  Talk about trooper.  He was pretty groggy and not totally stoked at first, but if you ask him what his favorite part about this weekend was, he will say going up to see the Super Moon. :)

There goes my awesome camera taking ridiculous photos again.
We headed back to the hotel as the sun started to break over the West and slept in til about 11.  We didn't have anything really planned so we went up for a drive up Cedar Break National Monument.  We were able to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and rock formations at a couple different look outs.

We kept driving until we dropped down into Cedar City where Landon used to go to school.  We just explored and grabbed some lunch before we took the journey back up the mountain.  We didn't do much else that night other than red box and hit up the hot tub and pool.  Just some major relaxation, which neither of us could even begin to complain about.

Monday, we had to pack up and be out of the hotel by noon, but we didn't want to just head straight back home, because it was our actual  anniversary that day, and we didn't think we should spend it unpacking.  We stopped at Cove Fort about half way home for a couple hours and learned about the history behind the fort.  Landon even got to partake in some old Pioneer games.

We got home around seven o'clock Monday night after grabbing dinner at Smash Burger (our favorite) and were able to just hang out together in our little home and reflect on how ridiculously insane these last two years have been.  Every second has been great.  Mostly ups, very few downs.  We have big plans for the future, but we are also loving the whole "living in the moment" as much as we can before it's time to grow up.

this really has been the best two years.

Magic Found in Strawberry Days

So aside from the Heat winning the Finals and instagram finally giving us the video option the most exciting part of mine and Landon's night was venturing down to Strawberry Days on our new beach cruisers.  (Our anniversary is this weekend and that was our gift to each other- the cutest, cheapest beach cruisers available.)  We had never been to Strawberry Days before.  I don't know what it's like in other states, but Utah has a lot of  "Days."  There's Swiss Days, Raspberry Days, Lehi Days, American Fork Days, Strawberry Days....  I've only been to a handful of these activities, basically it's rodeos, parades, fireworks, booths selling all the same jewelry and the most delicious food you can get your hands on.  Strawberry Days was an event that we hadn't been to yet, however.  So since it was so close we figured we'd jaunt down there on our bikes and check it out.  And let me tell you, it was the most ghetto of all the "Days" I've been to.  We didn't dare let our bikes out of our sight due to EVERYONE drooling over them.  And Landon said that I could go on the rides, but he wouldn't even think about it. Something about him being a giant baby and not wanting to get throw up on his new dress. KIDDING. But really, he doesn't do the spinning rides.  So I whined a little until I saw the grilled corn booth around the corner, and right next door Landon spotted the scone booth.  So even though the shopping and quality entertainment was somewhat limited, the food was not.  We plopped down on the grass with our corn and scone in hand and watched the carnival lights flicker in the background.  And even though it was cheap and sort of sleazy, we found ourselves a little pocket of magic.

This is Where I Get it From

So last Friday at work, I had finished up everything and was just hanging out with a co worker in his office when I thought of the brilliant idea to prank phone call our boss in the next room with one of those soundboard things.  We pulled up a Homer Simpson board and tested out a few of the lines and got laughing so hard that our boss actually came down the hall to see what the ruckus was about.  We told him we were going to prank him with it, and he was immediately on board with the idea.  We started calling everyone we could think of to play the joke on and were so into it that we didn't realize that we were being photographed AND videoed.

and also, I was deemed "world's worst look out."  Even though we were having so much fun, nobody would really stay on the line long after Homer said they were gay, or Tommy Boy professed his love to him.

BUT- last night, I was showing Landon a video of someone with a soundboard ready for when these telemarketers would call him.  They had an entire conversation with Peter Griffin and had no idea they weren't talking to a real person.  It's hilarious.  So naturally, Landon wanted to give it a shot.  The only person we could get to answer a blocked phone number was my mom.

Not only would she answer the phone, but she would play along with the soundboard like it was completely normal.  Emulating each character's voice and carrying on conversations that made no sense.  We were dying.  After a few minutes, she would hang up.  But we would call her right back and she never failed to answer.  She occupyed the better part of mine and Landon's evening.

So the moral of the story is: if you ever feel the need to prank phone call someone, my mom is the person to call.  Also, if you want 60 snap chats a day of my dog photo bombing my mom's selfies....she starts around 8 am, and they keep coming til after midnight..

Whatever Wednesdays

Today's subject for Whatever Wednesday is "firsts." So let's see... Well right now it is my first time blogging from the blogger app. Also, it's the first time I've blogged out of an automatic car wash. And so far I'm not totally impressed with either. 

Could this be the most pathetic post so far this year? Probably, but listen. I was basically on my death bed yesterday. The only reason I made it through was the hundreds of snapchats I was getting from my mom and Landon taking such good care of me. 

Next Wednesday I will put more effort, I promise. 

That Time I Saw Tim McGraw

ok. heads up. this is going to be a longer post. (shay.)  but this weekend Landon took me to see Tim McGraw at USANA.  And it was phenomenal. One of thee best concerts I've ever been to.  BUT- let's talk about before Tim got up on stage.  Brantley Gilbert and Love and Theft did their thing and we were waiting for Tim McGraw's stage to get set up.  It was a beautiful day, it had stayed around 79 degrees, but by that time it was around 9 at night, the sun had set and it was sort of chilly.  And I didn't bring a jacket because I'm an idiot.  So I figured I would just take a little walk down to the bathrooms before the concert continued just to get my blood pumping and maybe get a little warmed up.

So I pushed my way through the insane crowds (this joint was PACKED. Sold out show.) and almost made it to the bathrooms when the speakers started to pulse loudly signifying that the show was about to go on.  I stopped and was like, "meeeehhhh should I hit up the bathrooms real quick, or just go back...." and everyone had started heading back to their seats so I turned around to go back too.  Then suddenly I was alone on the sidewalk and everyone up on the railings and in the chairs were staring at me.  Jaws dropped, eyes popped, and I was sort of worried I was having a wardrobe malfunction or something when everyone started to scream all at once.  And I was like, what the? and I look to my right and TIM MCGRAW IS WALKING RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!!!!! I literally didn't know what to do. I covered my mouth with my hands in disbelief and he looked me in the eyes and grinned.  I reached out to him because I still didn't know what to do with myself and he reached back to touch my hand.  I grabbed his hand and maybe his upper arm-tricep-area (rowz) with my other hand.  Because I was majorly fangirling at the moment.  It only happened for a split second before security clotheslined me into the wall, but it was probably one of the most magical moments of me life.  He was then swarmed with a thousand more people somewhat resembling this:

I ran back to my seats with Landon unable to speak.  I maybe even teared up a little bit.  I'm pathetic.
The rest of the show was fantastic.  He is amazing live and you could just tell he was having a great time.  I was clear up on the lawn seats, but my camera has impeccable zoom and I got some pretty good pictures and video.  Bear with me on the video though because with the zoom in as far as it could go even my breathing would send it into unstoppable shaking.

Also, if you find yourself watching any of these I apologize ahead of time if I'm maybe singing along.
It's near impossible not to.

Could it be Another Fashion Post?

So, I recently had to go shopping the other day when I realized I was still wearing my winter clothes and it has already hit the 100's this year.  I needed something bright and summery looking.  I was able to get a really cute outfit, but it has sparked the shopping bug in me again.

I'm still not off the mint green bandwagon, but I'm digging it combined with peach now more than coral.  Landon and I are heading off on an anniversary trip next weekend and I wanted to maybe has a cute little outfit like this:

combined with these adorable peach jeggings from Garage.

Hopefully I can get my mits on an outfit like this from She Inside and Garage before next weekend.  Mostly, I'm just leaving a bookmark for myself for this website on my own blog so I don't forget about it.  I know. I'm a genius.

Got the Phone

So, my iPhone came yesterday.
my world has changed forever.
and I was so busy settin' her up that I didn't write a blog post for today.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me anyway.
Starting with Tim McGraw tonight.

boo freaking ya.

have a great weekend everyone.
text me. I have emojis!

Do Work, Son.

So two years ago today, I hired onto a job that I didn't even know existed.  I took it because my fiancĂ© said it paid good and it wasn't viciously boring.  I had no idea what I'd what I signed on for...

 I had no idea how many Redbulls and Monsters I'd be drinking.  I had no idea it would be in the prettiest area of Salt Lake.  I had no idea pranks were part of the job description.  I had no idea how hard it would be to decide where to go to lunch that eventually brackets got involved.  I had no idea how terrified of MSHA and Safety I would become.  Or that studying for a test for things I had been doing every day for a year would be so hard.  I had no idea what a Grease Monkey was or that I would be drawing birds in the dirt I washed.  I had no idea that night shifts weren't nearly as horrible as I had imagined.  And even though he quit awhile back, I had no idea how awesome it would be to work for the same company as Landon.  When the AC went out, I had never worked in such hot weather.  Or when the heaters gave up-such cold weather.  And I never, ever had to be pulled out of a snow bank so many times.

I didn't realize that I was going to love it as much as I do.
I have never worked so hard in my life, and that makes me proud of myself.
My co-workers and my boss? they're my best friends.  And I realize how big of a deal that is.

How big of a deal all of this is.  To love my job like I do.
I may never leave.

It's Been a Rough Morning

I got up early and found ANOTHER spider the size of New Jersey in my bathroom.  I was going to let him just chill there, but then he came after me. I had to run to get Landon to come kill it for me, but when we got back to the bathroom it was out of sight.  The rest of the time spent in the bathroom was excruciating.

Damn that spider. Damn him.

And then I got to work and immediately got a splinter the size of the spider the size of New Jersey in my hand.  I had to dig it out with a disposible "splinter remover."  That worked great, but now my hand stings.

Damn that splinter. Damn him.

On a brighter note, I bought an iPhone 4 off ebay yesterday. My world is looking up again.

When I Turn to Machines for Comfort

So yesterday, I hit a very spoiled and 1st world level of depression.  Because the iPhone 5s wasn't announced at Apple's WWDC.  I have a lot of nice things, I shouldn't complain that I don't have an iPhone, but a couple months ago my phone I've had for two years now decided to crap the bed.

The thought of having to wait until OCTOBER for a new phone makes my head hurt.  But I also don't want to buy the iPhone 5 only to have it be out dated in three months, ya know? uggh. This is a whole new level of pathetic heart break.

I managed to soothe my sadness by breaking out my new Kitchen Aid and making some home made bread sticks and alfredo sauce, and some of the best chocolate chip cookies in the universe.
I've never loved an appliance like this one.  If I could snuggle with it in bed, I would.

It's Hard Coming Back After a 3-Day Weekend

There was a whole lot of this going on this weekend:

Best siblings ever, amiright?

And there was pre-birthday partying for my sister and me.  I got a Kitchen Aid mixer and she got a humanitarian trip/senior trip to Tonga and Fiji.  My mom and I spent a few hours paddle boarding on the neighborhood pond while the boys went golfing.  And of course pool side relaxation and a meal fit for a king on Sunday.

After a weekend like that, going back to regular life won't be easy.

I'm on a Train

I'm riding a train back home right now because my freaking baby sister IS GRADUATING IN 3 HOURS.  I'm stoked for her and stuff, but I'm pretty sure she is still twelve, so I don't really know how this is happening.

Happy Friday!

How to Make a Come Back from Blogging for a Whole Month

I'm back. I just needed to recuperate from blogging for an entire month.  How did I do it, you ask?  Well, first, I resurfaced to the social media world via Google where everyone grew a beard.  Except for Landon.  He already had one.

Even though we all look amazing, I can't help but stare at how freakishly handsome my husband is. And also that this hangout's topic is "Tampon Disease."  Thank you Kelsey.

Oh and then last night I dared to bake my own home made, hand chopped sweet potato french fries.
I've been watching enough Daily Grace cooking videos for the last week that I figured I could do it.  And they were dee-vine.  Gourmet, I dare say.  ("That rhymed, unintentional.")  It was touch and go for awhile, the recipe said to flip them half way through cooking them and when I opened the oven to do so, I was blasted with the most intense steam ball of my life.  I think it's probably what getting hit with an atom bomb is like.  Scared the crap out of me.  And the fries were super soggy and floppy and didn't look delicious at all, and I was like, "welp, I hope these get better through the second half of baking."  And they did.  Here is my masterpiece.

Some were a little burned, but all in all they tasted excellent.

This is how I felt when I was done. (alissa.)

So there you go.  The way to recover from a month of blogging is:

-Facial Hair
-French Fries
-Grace Helbig

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