2 Freaking Years Together

In case you didn't get enough of it over Facebook, instagram and snap chat, I'm recapping you here about mine and Landon's two year anniversary.  Because yes, over all, this blog is a document of our lives and I need to have this written down somewhere.

Last year, we were both working for Garco, and there was a lot of work to be done and our first anniversary was- not really over-looked- but it wasn't celebrated in a way we deemed worthy for a first anniversary.  So we made up for it this year.  Maybe a little too much, but whatevs.  We don't have kids or responsibility, so let the party continue, right?  As I mentioned before, we got the beach cruisers, and those are going to be ridiculous this summer.  I can't even handle it.  We have bike paths in every direction around our home, so we have a lot of exploring to do.  But, since we got those like, a week and a half ago, we both decided we needed to get something for our actual anniversary.  Which didn't even happen again, because we are too impatient.  I got Landon some yellow Puma golf swag and he hooked me up with the best way to support my NFL team ever.  Jewelry.

the blue and orange charms and the little bear and the football?  The Chicago Bears would be proud.

We only had the weekend, so we didn't have the time or money to go too far from home, but we wanted to get away for a couple days.  We found a deal on groupon for a room at Brian Head Ski Resort down in Southern Utah.  Even without the snow, it was gorgeous and we managed to have a lot of fun.

Saturday night, after we had checked in we took a drive all around to check out the scenery and all the massive houses tucked away in the woods.  We eventually found ourselves right on top of Brian Head Peak 11,307 feet above sea level over looked the mountain ranges or Southern Utah, Nevada and Arizona.

We drove around til the sun had set and we headed back to the resort where we took part in one of the best steak dinners I have ever had in my life.

Then, I don't know if you guys knew, but Saturday night/Sunday morning was 2013's "Super Moon."  Which is the closest the moon will be to the earth for the entire year.  It was the brightest at 5:32 am Sunday morning, so of course I had to see this.  I didn't want to walk outside at 10:00 at night though, I wanted to see it at it's brightest without street lamps competing with it.  So I drug poor Landon out of bed at 4:44 am and made him drive me all the way back up Brian Head Peak so I could see the Super Moon.  Talk about trooper.  He was pretty groggy and not totally stoked at first, but if you ask him what his favorite part about this weekend was, he will say going up to see the Super Moon. :)

There goes my awesome camera taking ridiculous photos again.
We headed back to the hotel as the sun started to break over the West and slept in til about 11.  We didn't have anything really planned so we went up for a drive up Cedar Break National Monument.  We were able to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and rock formations at a couple different look outs.

We kept driving until we dropped down into Cedar City where Landon used to go to school.  We just explored and grabbed some lunch before we took the journey back up the mountain.  We didn't do much else that night other than red box and hit up the hot tub and pool.  Just some major relaxation, which neither of us could even begin to complain about.

Monday, we had to pack up and be out of the hotel by noon, but we didn't want to just head straight back home, because it was our actual  anniversary that day, and we didn't think we should spend it unpacking.  We stopped at Cove Fort about half way home for a couple hours and learned about the history behind the fort.  Landon even got to partake in some old Pioneer games.

We got home around seven o'clock Monday night after grabbing dinner at Smash Burger (our favorite) and were able to just hang out together in our little home and reflect on how ridiculously insane these last two years have been.  Every second has been great.  Mostly ups, very few downs.  We have big plans for the future, but we are also loving the whole "living in the moment" as much as we can before it's time to grow up.

this really has been the best two years.


  1. LOOK AT YOU TWO! I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend away together :)

    I've never had Smash Burger, but it sounds good and I'm drooling at 10am.

    Also...easy in, easy out. Thanks for that.

  2. awww Congrats girl! Love you little cutie pies!

  3. Happy anniversary!!! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  4. What a wonderful anniversary weekend! Love all of the great pictures you took!

  5. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! And Oh em geeeee... not only is it stunning there but your camera really took that pic of the moon?!

  6. Look at Landon, wearing his yellow hat and shorts with the cougars shirt. I didn't even know he golfs.

  7. So much happiness! I just love you two.

    Real life, I thought that Landon's outfit was a onesie. A short onesie.

    And also, that is the best picture of the super moon that I've seen so far!

  8. Sounds like the best anniversary! Our 2 year was much less exciting. Happy anniversary!!


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