Could it be Another Fashion Post?

So, I recently had to go shopping the other day when I realized I was still wearing my winter clothes and it has already hit the 100's this year.  I needed something bright and summery looking.  I was able to get a really cute outfit, but it has sparked the shopping bug in me again.

I'm still not off the mint green bandwagon, but I'm digging it combined with peach now more than coral.  Landon and I are heading off on an anniversary trip next weekend and I wanted to maybe has a cute little outfit like this:

combined with these adorable peach jeggings from Garage.

Hopefully I can get my mits on an outfit like this from She Inside and Garage before next weekend.  Mostly, I'm just leaving a bookmark for myself for this website on my own blog so I don't forget about it.  I know. I'm a genius.

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  1. A fashion post, Whitney?? I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU.

    Let's talk about that shirt, though...cause I love it.


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