Magic Found in Strawberry Days

So aside from the Heat winning the Finals and instagram finally giving us the video option the most exciting part of mine and Landon's night was venturing down to Strawberry Days on our new beach cruisers.  (Our anniversary is this weekend and that was our gift to each other- the cutest, cheapest beach cruisers available.)  We had never been to Strawberry Days before.  I don't know what it's like in other states, but Utah has a lot of  "Days."  There's Swiss Days, Raspberry Days, Lehi Days, American Fork Days, Strawberry Days....  I've only been to a handful of these activities, basically it's rodeos, parades, fireworks, booths selling all the same jewelry and the most delicious food you can get your hands on.  Strawberry Days was an event that we hadn't been to yet, however.  So since it was so close we figured we'd jaunt down there on our bikes and check it out.  And let me tell you, it was the most ghetto of all the "Days" I've been to.  We didn't dare let our bikes out of our sight due to EVERYONE drooling over them.  And Landon said that I could go on the rides, but he wouldn't even think about it. Something about him being a giant baby and not wanting to get throw up on his new dress. KIDDING. But really, he doesn't do the spinning rides.  So I whined a little until I saw the grilled corn booth around the corner, and right next door Landon spotted the scone booth.  So even though the shopping and quality entertainment was somewhat limited, the food was not.  We plopped down on the grass with our corn and scone in hand and watched the carnival lights flicker in the background.  And even though it was cheap and sort of sleazy, we found ourselves a little pocket of magic.


  1. Don't worry Landon, I don't do spinning rides either.

    How about you two fly in for the second weekend in July and Kelsey and I can show you around "Family Day" ...juuuuust kidding. I'd rather die than get caught there #smalltownproblems

    But seriously though, I'ma steal your bikes.

  2. YOU TWO ARE ADORABLE!! Happy early anniversary!!!! PS. Send me some of that grilled corn... STAT

  3. im with landon. and alissa. no spinny rides for me. me + spinning = puke fest.
    this is so cute though. i need to start enjoying things like this more often. i tend to overlook them.
    also. what the crap is an 'american fork' day

  4. I love your bike! I'm not big into rides, spinning or otherwise, myself.

    So, Strawberry days doesn't have a strawberry theme?


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