That Time I Saw Tim McGraw

ok. heads up. this is going to be a longer post. (shay.)  but this weekend Landon took me to see Tim McGraw at USANA.  And it was phenomenal. One of thee best concerts I've ever been to.  BUT- let's talk about before Tim got up on stage.  Brantley Gilbert and Love and Theft did their thing and we were waiting for Tim McGraw's stage to get set up.  It was a beautiful day, it had stayed around 79 degrees, but by that time it was around 9 at night, the sun had set and it was sort of chilly.  And I didn't bring a jacket because I'm an idiot.  So I figured I would just take a little walk down to the bathrooms before the concert continued just to get my blood pumping and maybe get a little warmed up.

So I pushed my way through the insane crowds (this joint was PACKED. Sold out show.) and almost made it to the bathrooms when the speakers started to pulse loudly signifying that the show was about to go on.  I stopped and was like, "meeeehhhh should I hit up the bathrooms real quick, or just go back...." and everyone had started heading back to their seats so I turned around to go back too.  Then suddenly I was alone on the sidewalk and everyone up on the railings and in the chairs were staring at me.  Jaws dropped, eyes popped, and I was sort of worried I was having a wardrobe malfunction or something when everyone started to scream all at once.  And I was like, what the? and I look to my right and TIM MCGRAW IS WALKING RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!!!!! I literally didn't know what to do. I covered my mouth with my hands in disbelief and he looked me in the eyes and grinned.  I reached out to him because I still didn't know what to do with myself and he reached back to touch my hand.  I grabbed his hand and maybe his upper arm-tricep-area (rowz) with my other hand.  Because I was majorly fangirling at the moment.  It only happened for a split second before security clotheslined me into the wall, but it was probably one of the most magical moments of me life.  He was then swarmed with a thousand more people somewhat resembling this:

I ran back to my seats with Landon unable to speak.  I maybe even teared up a little bit.  I'm pathetic.
The rest of the show was fantastic.  He is amazing live and you could just tell he was having a great time.  I was clear up on the lawn seats, but my camera has impeccable zoom and I got some pretty good pictures and video.  Bear with me on the video though because with the zoom in as far as it could go even my breathing would send it into unstoppable shaking.

Also, if you find yourself watching any of these I apologize ahead of time if I'm maybe singing along.
It's near impossible not to.




    "It only happened for a split second before security clotheslined me into the wall" I cackled at this.

    I am legitimately keeping this page open all day and cycling through the videos over and over. You are the luckiest girl!!!

  2. How awesome for you!! I would have cried too.

    Brantley Gilbert is smoking. So fine.

    What kind of awesome camera do you have? I need it.

    What an awesome time. =)

  3. im literally fangirling from my desk at work just thinking about having tim mcgraw mere inches away from me. i am SO JEALOUS.
    alissa is coming to see me in august and we're going to see tim mcgraw and now im like 30564 times more excited!

  4. At least you didn't slap his booty, did you see that video of Beyonce?? haha!

  5. I'm so so so jealous. I wanted to go so bad!

  6. YOU TOUCHED HIM?!? I've never been more insanely jealous of you. And thank you again for these amazing pictures of THOSE ARMS and also DAT ASS.

  7. I like how at the end of describing the Tim McGraw encounter, you got all Irish.

    "It was one of the most magical moments of me life."
    Then I thought of the Lucky Charms leprechaun saying that. Which is weird.

  8. Whitney. I am going to start stalking youtube for the video of "that girl that touched Tim McGraw at Usana". It's gotta be there, right? I mean, they take videos of T-Swift's lame dance moves at other people's concerts, right? You're totally legit.

  9. I am green with jealousy over here!! I went to the same concert here in So Cali and died because we were on the opposite side of the rows in which he walked thru!! It was an awesome concert and i loved it!! I've been lucky enough to have seen him and Faith Hill in their Should-to-Soul tour and loved that as well!! you got great pictures!!

  10. I just watched all of those videos. Every single one.


    You touched his arm? you walked next to him? Hopefully he got you pregnant.


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