This is Where I Get it From

So last Friday at work, I had finished up everything and was just hanging out with a co worker in his office when I thought of the brilliant idea to prank phone call our boss in the next room with one of those soundboard things.  We pulled up a Homer Simpson board and tested out a few of the lines and got laughing so hard that our boss actually came down the hall to see what the ruckus was about.  We told him we were going to prank him with it, and he was immediately on board with the idea.  We started calling everyone we could think of to play the joke on and were so into it that we didn't realize that we were being photographed AND videoed.

and also, I was deemed "world's worst look out."  Even though we were having so much fun, nobody would really stay on the line long after Homer said they were gay, or Tommy Boy professed his love to him.

BUT- last night, I was showing Landon a video of someone with a soundboard ready for when these telemarketers would call him.  They had an entire conversation with Peter Griffin and had no idea they weren't talking to a real person.  It's hilarious.  So naturally, Landon wanted to give it a shot.  The only person we could get to answer a blocked phone number was my mom.

Not only would she answer the phone, but she would play along with the soundboard like it was completely normal.  Emulating each character's voice and carrying on conversations that made no sense.  We were dying.  After a few minutes, she would hang up.  But we would call her right back and she never failed to answer.  She occupyed the better part of mine and Landon's evening.

So the moral of the story is: if you ever feel the need to prank phone call someone, my mom is the person to call.  Also, if you want 60 snap chats a day of my dog photo bombing my mom's selfies....she starts around 8 am, and they keep coming til after midnight..


  1. This is absolutely hilarious. Hilarious.

  2. Oh my gawd, this is so funny! Im cracking up over your "worst lookout photo".

  3. Your mom is a great sport. My sorority sisters used to prank with sound boards on a regular basis.


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