When I Turn to Machines for Comfort

So yesterday, I hit a very spoiled and 1st world level of depression.  Because the iPhone 5s wasn't announced at Apple's WWDC.  I have a lot of nice things, I shouldn't complain that I don't have an iPhone, but a couple months ago my phone I've had for two years now decided to crap the bed.

The thought of having to wait until OCTOBER for a new phone makes my head hurt.  But I also don't want to buy the iPhone 5 only to have it be out dated in three months, ya know? uggh. This is a whole new level of pathetic heart break.

I managed to soothe my sadness by breaking out my new Kitchen Aid and making some home made bread sticks and alfredo sauce, and some of the best chocolate chip cookies in the universe.
I've never loved an appliance like this one.  If I could snuggle with it in bed, I would.


  1. Two things I don't have: iPhone 5 or a Kitchen Aid mixer. Think you could pack that in your suitcase? Okay, thanks!

  2. OOOOOH that mixer is so beautiful! I love the color!!

    I agree with Alissa-- your carry-on needs to be this mixer.

    We can all go iPhone shopping in October together, ok?

  3. Everyday I cry a bit because I can't have #abeautifulmess f.u. samsungggg 3

  4. I'm not a cook, but I want a Kitchen-Aide Mixer just to be able to say I have one.

  5. Kitchen Aid loves you, doesn't judge you; just helps you make the cookies and is always there for you. We love you, Kitchen Aid!

  6. Your iphone crapped the bed. Amazing.

    I have a yellow kitchen aid mixer. I totally understand the joy it brings. It's like nothing else.

  7. I have never had an iPhone. The thought of getting one kind of gives me hives.

    I found a stand mixer in a vacant apartment. It was officially the best day ever. I really did hug it.

  8. It’s too bad that it decided to flake out on you months before a new release. I hope you were able to hold out for the new model, so that you can enjoy your shiny new phone. Anyway, how’s your phone doing now? Did you get the 6+, or are you waiting for the next gen after that? Keep us posted!

    Clara Brooks @ Telco World


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